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Making Degh In Canada

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Sangat Ji,

So as far as I have been able to fing out about making degh: Flour, Sugar and Ghee should be in equal quantities and water 4 times the amount. So 1 bowl each of flour, sugar and ghee and water would be 4 bowls.

I am using Sher Atta (used for making rotis), unsalted butter and sugar (the regular kind as used in tea, etc).

I do find find however that the quantities do not mix properly - the 4 times water amounts makes the degh to "slushy" and it does not become 1 mass. Also the flour compared to ghee also seems off. Ghee ends up being not enugh, so when the flour is mixed with the ghee it is not liquidy it becomes crumbly.

Am I measuring wrong here? Is it supposed to be weight or quanity of the ingridients? Or are the ingridients we use here in canada need to be of a different amount?

Pls provide some guidance.....

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This has worked out better for me whenever I have made Degh. Please note that the measurement is by weight and not by volume. In which case if we are using a sarbloh bata then use:

80% of volume of bata for desi ghio - one portion

100% of volume of bata for wholemeal atta- one portion

110% of volume of bata for brown sugar- one portion

100% of volume of bata for water- three portions

Put water in separate Sarbloh Karahi on boil and add sugar, once boiled leave to simmer, don't switch off gas.

Meanwhile in another Sarbloh Karahi put ghio and wait a little till it all melts and warms up, do not heat too much put on medium/low setting. Add wholemeal atta and keep stirring whilst reciting bani all the time. Once this mix turns slightly brown and crisp biscuity smell starts to emanate, switch of gas on the water side and add the water /sugar mix slowly. Be careful of the steam, add bata by bata and keep stirring all the time until all of the syrup has been mixed. Make sure the heat setting is quite low just before you add the syrup mix. Keep mising until all is blended in well and a little bit of ghio starts showing up. Switch off gas and keep mixing for another three to five mins.

Serve degh only when it has cooled down and can be handled easily. The degh should not be slurpy (too much water) or crumbly (too little water). Do Ardas for galtia in preparing degh and reciting bani and for the sewa. GuruSahib is always forgiving.

Enjoy the degh!!!

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It's actually 3 times the water guys.

For example,

1 cup flour

1 cup desi geho

1 cup sugar

3 cup water

I've made degh many times try this !

Yep, I think that's correct as it's 1 cup for each cup of ingredient so 3 cups or 3 x volume of single ingredient !!

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i like to add water in small amounts as i'm making it. this way the water gets absorbed before new needs to be added. maybe practice with smaller amounts next time, like just a karsheeful of ghee, atta, sugar

I think that's probably the most sensible way !!

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