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Guest Mark Latham

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Guest Mark Latham

Hello everyone,

I'm a writer looking for some help on Sikh names for a forthcoming short story. This forum looks like a friendly place with lots of helpful people, so I thought it'd be a good place to post my question!

My story is a science fiction tale set in the far future, and a lot of the characters in it are descendants of Sikh heritage. The hero of my story is a scholar of ancient texts - both holy and historical - and the people of his city come to him for help when no-one else will help them. I need a name that kind of sums up his character. He's learned and quick-thinking. He's not brave like a warrior, but his curiosity to learn more about the unknown, and his devout faith, mean that he does things that others perceive as very brave indeed. Imagine him almost like a Sikh Sherlock Holmes - always thinking, always alert and always ready to use his wits to battle evil and corruption.

Any suggestions for a good name for him? Either first name or surname.

Thanks in advance,


PS. As this is a religious forum, I would like to point out that I have the greatest respect for all world religions, and the story will not portray any religion or religious group in a poor light. It's purely a work of fantasy.

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First Name: Bibek

Last name: Singh (means Lion, who fears no one) - Last name for sikh people - this is not pertaining to any one caste, better to use this one rather than going deep into other last names as they are based on different castes. Also your work would not be just for sikhs, but for much wider range of readers, so "Singh" would automatically recall them that this character is coming from a Sikh background.

Bib- means duality

Ek - means One

To shun the duality / agitation of mind, by being steady and positive from inside and be with HIM


Bibek = intellect or wisdom of conscious principles & divine intelligence

This name is unique, not many people share this name.

Hope this helps. I''m pretty sure other memebers would provide you with more options to choose from.

Good Luck and Thank You for choosing a Sikh character with so much of depth in it.

Please do provide us with details once it's completed.

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