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Bhram Kavach Maryada


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Guest parveen kaur

Waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fteh pls I need help sangat g I want to do this brahma kwach pls can u tell m first I need to reed 5 banis or brahma kwach and sombody told me this water for sheed g what I need to do after this bata pls help m satnam g

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Guest santokh Singh

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

Jot, Jal , is must when you Japp the path of 5 bani.

This is my personel experience , 42 din jot (morning evening No absent ,No time change, ishnan tu bad pishab nai karna, pad nahi marna,,ja marna room cho bahar chala jao, panj ishnan kar ka pher batho)ghar ch la ka Gurudwara sahib Ja ka desi Ghee the Parshad da bhog pathi singh tu lagao.

Guru grant sahib ji the kirpa ho jaigee.

Santokh Singh


path vidi.pdf

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On 05/06/2013 at 11:32 AM, Dharmi said:

Dont forget that shaheed sings are present when you do this paath and water in sarabloh container is for shaheed singhs

Why are you wasting your time with what is nothing more than a few rituals? This part especially made me laugh, what do we have to offer Shaheed Singh's? They don't need or parshaada or our water lol they're shaheed! Bhai Rama Singh jee met a shaheed singh and this shaheed gave him juice to drink; upon drinking the shaheed's juice, Bhai sahib didn't eat, drink or sleep for the next 3 days! Shaheeds have a million times more shakti than moorakh a like me, so why would I need to provide langar for them? If I do a silent brahm kavach jaap in my head whilst working, does that mean I can only do it if the room has carpet? Or does that mean I need to hold up a lighter filled with ghee at the same time? Baanee is baanee and no matter where or when we are, you'll still get laahaa from it, and you'll still reap some sort of benefit in whichever form that may be! If I have asthma does that mean I can't do a brahm kavach jaap because dhoof makes me cough too much? ? I'm surprised aath pehar simran japna wasn't part of the maryada for this baanee seeing as it's pretty much the only thing Guroo jee constantly tells us to do ?

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