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Losing Touch

Guest Twinkle

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Guest Twinkle


Can somebody please help me? Im am just losing touch with Sikhi, I dont know why. I go to the gurdwara almost everyday to be with Mahraj, I pray, I try. But i still dont feel anything. I dont feel like im moving forward with my life, its like im stuck. I constantly worry about every little thing, even things that dont have anything to do with me. I just feel like i cant hand;e anything, its like im losing myself over the years and i really dont know how to get back.

Any advice would be great

Fateh Jio

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Guest Guest

Friendly advice -

1. Say Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh instead of WJKK WJKF

2. Rather than praying all by yourself join Saadh Sangat.

Listen to Keertan, focus on the Shabad and sing along.

That way you will feel Atam Ras.

3. Spend some time in Seva ( cooking, cleaning, etc )

4. Afterwards have a chat with fellow Sevaks and relax.

5. As for worries, read what Gurbani says


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if mind feels dont listen gurbani

if mind says dont go gurudwara

if mind gets bored while listening to GuruBani !!

then understand this oh soul , you mind has lots of dirt .

wash it with naam and simran .

listen even if you dont like

force yourself

be in sangat of gursikhs and serve gursikhs

in free time read biographies of saint soldiers

mann lage ki eh nishani !!mithi lage Sri GuruBani !!

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