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Sikhs Converting To Other Religions So Why Do They Wear Dastar And Keep Kesh?

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Not sure, may be he thinks kesh and dastar are cultural symbol to him or he kept to convert other sikhs..usually christian missionaries make converted people from other background or religion an chaplain or some leader so that they can bring more in to Christianity without any changing their appearance.

Now if missionaries, kala afghanis, teja singh influenced can join- Christian evangelical/protestant/Anglican distant separated brothers openly like this... one dimensional ideology(black and white)/divisions in the panth will be self cleaned by itself..!!!!!

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There is a saying muslims stab you from the front and hindus in the back the same can be said about Christians. They appear harmless but if you check the history of christians in the punjab and what they did to the Sikhs in history you would not trust a Christian missionary as far as you can throw him. The british east india company attacked the Sikh lahore darbar using armed invaders the ex-pat white british Christians and their bengali slave foot soldiers who came to india and punjab carrying out many atrocities, rapes and pillages of the punjab after 2 big wars. They were also the ones who built a church by force in the darbar sahib complex before it was torn down. They also force converted many Sikhs to Christianity such as maharajah duleep singh who was only a child before snatching his jewels and kingdom and shipping him off to england.

On the plus side a person converting to Christianity is better than converting to Islam as Christianity provides free will for someone to convert to other faiths unlike Islam. But make no mistake there is a real ideological war out there of christian extremists using cloak and daggar tactics to convert punjabi's especially Sikhs to Christianity. I can give you evidence of number of websites that are trying to tell Christians to dress up and camouflage yourself in the non-christian environment, befriend and convert people slowly and tell them to keep the name and appearance of their former faith so that they dont raise suspicions what is going on.

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I usually like to look at the root of problem. The reason why people are going more towards other paths or looking else where is because lack of spiritual sikhi offered in our Gurdwaras. Don't get me wrong there are lot of good parcharikhs/gyani in taksal and other samparda's who offers finest tat of gurmat and we also have immense amount of depth in our scriptures, adyatam, meditation but we as in panth have failed to make available basic necessity food for soul which is spirituality in sikhi to all. It has gotten to the point where parcharikhs are on the edge all the time when they do katha as they don't want caught in drift of controversy and for lack of better word bore some of "sangat" with deep gurmat ideology.
Gyani thakur singh ji patialawale himself said in japji sahib katha which is widely available on gurmatveechar.com and translated by me (managed by maharaj kirpa) he said during 88 hrs of japji sahib katha that i can go much more deeper but people who are listening are already complaining that there is no bir ras in the katha, who are addicted to bir ras katha which are being feed everyday in the gurdwara without keeping balance of shant ras and bir ras.
Parcharikhs are often caught between tribal paranoid arrogant people blowing things out of proportions and gurdwara committes dictating how to do katha to get more dough ($$$) in charva so much so that real parcharikhs do katha based on sangat sitting as they are told how to do katha and baba hari singh ji randhawale dedicates just like 10 minutes for you tube wale and ask them to take the recorders out for them to spread unncessary controversy. Similiar incident recently, one of person who was amritdhari for 10 years, who came to see sant sucha singh jawadi kalan taksa..from 7 pm to 1 am, he was trying to preach/argue with sant ji regarding suchumta- how he should buy food in the plane by using his money and at the same time not to eat from monae...sant sucha singh ji javadi taksal were very patient with this premi and didn't say anything have him vent..there were monaie there and other begineer they must be thinking- if this is sikhi or comes down to arguing over this small thing from 7 pm to 1 am ..off course anybody would be put off by tribalism/fascism in the panth.
I think real parcharikhs are slightly shy to speak their mind to show real sikhi in stages/in its pristine form rather than giving small doses of it here and there, parchariks only target these days out of mazboori or sangat wishes to get people to take amrit and thats it..getting people to take amrit is valid and thats the way should be done but what about journey afterwards taking amrit? who takes cares of that? if you leave it up to guru maharaj then surely one can leave up to guru maharaj for seekers to take amrit at the first place..why all the effort ?. But as panth have shared responsiblity as well..It's parcharikhs and panj pyares responsibility to help people and provide counselling to help students with gurbani to clear doubts.
But parcharikhs give in to what sangat want to hear, as understandably real parcharikhs or gyan have family back home so usually they need to feed them so they will say things to please everyone (abroad) offer basic of sikhi than get into slipperly slope of offending anyone. So with that kept in mind, We need real parcharikhs who is also working on side so he/she does not own anything to sangat to hear what they want to hear, and is not afraid to say things does not give in to pressure to please neither right wing nor left wing element in our panth. i think the time has came parcharikhs have to control religious/ hippy goons from both extremes(right and left) otherwise will see more people leaving sikhi sometimes to different religion but most of times to different cults like radhaswamis, nirankaris as they offer spirituality (hijack gurmat concept and mix and match) to give it people who seek spirituality, no wonder beas has more of its followers than sikhs in malva and doaba region combined.
In puratan times, there was fully exploration and study of adhyatam and actually more question and answers to clear doubts..interestingly if you notice lot of puratan literature such as bhavrasamrit/adhyatam parkash, suraj parkash granth and even off course in gurbani gyan parbodh, akaal ustat among others have lot of questions and answers given in some poetic form and in some straight question/answers form.
Sorry don't want make this too long, each one of us and parcharak have moral and spiritual duty to explore sikh deep within both internally and externally. In Akaal ustat.

In the Akal Ustat (within Dasam granth sahib) are 10 'Dohras' (Verses) from 'Ank' (Number) 201 to 210. Within these verses, Guru Gobind Singh Ji has posed a number of questions. These questions are meant to be pondered over and answered by each 'Gursikh' (searcher of spiritual truth) be they of whatever religion.

Tav Parsad [With the grace of the Almighty]
Dohra (name of verse)
Once Siri Atma [Primal Atma (self)/God] spoke to the mind.
That Who’s glory shines every where is the master of the world.
Say then, how is this glory manifested in all its varieties?'
'Akal Ustat', Dasam Guru Durbar
The mind to whom the 'Atma' (soul) is speaking to above is that of mankind. That question, which has been asked, its answer is what is understood as Naam Simran in sikhi. The questions the Guru asks here after this question, and their answers in fact, answer this above great question.
(2) What is the form of 'Atma' (True self)?
(3) What is the thought behind creation?
(4) What is 'Dharma'?
(5) What is 'Karma'?
(6) What is creation?
(7) What is life?
(8) What is death?
(9) What is heaven?
(10) What is hell?
(11) What is cleverness?
(12) What is stupidity?
(13) What is 'Tark' (reasoning)?
(14) What is not 'Tark'?
(15) What is slander?
(16) What is praise?
(17) What is sin?
(18) What is 'Dharma'?
Some of the questions are asked twice by the Guru. Here, the Guru desires a different answer to previous answer. Each question and its answers are inter-linked to each other to produce a whole picture of Sat Guru, meaning the ideology and philosophy of Sat Guru which should appear at the end of answering all the questions.
(19) What is Yoga?
(20) What is enjoyment of worldly pleasures?
(21) What is action?
(22) What is inaction?
(23) What is hard work ?
(24) What is controlling the senses?
(25) Who is a warrior?
(26) Who is giver of charity?
(27) What is 'Tantra'?
(28) What is 'Mantra'?
(29) Who is poor?
(30) Who is a King?
(31) What is happiness?
(32) What is sadness?
(33) Who is ill?
(35) Who is affectionate?
(36) What is essence of affection?
(37) Who is satiated?
(38) Who is healthy?
(39) What is thought behind creation?
(40) What is creation?
(41) Who is defiled?
(42) What is creation?
(43) Where is action superstition?
(45) Where is superstition destroyed?
(46) Where is happiness of consciousness?
(47) Where is knowledge of that which we can not grasp with our minds?
(48) What is 'Naam'?
(50) What is self-control?
(51) What is knowledge and ignorance?
(52) Who is ill?
(53) Who is a worrier?
(54) Where is Dharma lost?
(55) Who is a warrior?
(56) Who is beautiful?
(57) What is secret of being at one with 'Sat Guru'?
(58) Who is the charitable one?
(59) Who is wise?
(60) What is knowledge?
(61) What is ignorance?
Here the questions end.
It must be noted that many of these questions can be interpreted and rephrased in a different manner, therefore one would derive at a different answer. For example, question (3) can be interpreted as:
(3) Where are thoughts of creation contemplated?
Question (7) can be thought of as asking:
Where is death?
Most of the questions can also be coupled to form one question. For example:
Question (5) and (6) can be combined to form:
What is the Karma of Dharma?
This coupling of questions alters their numbers. Hence, Sikh 'Gianis' (interpreters of scripture) tended not to give a particular number count of these questions.
Coming back to this person, yes we can brush this convert off saying he failed the test of guru sahib which may be very well the case as its probably not in his karam but we must be pro active as well and share some of blame as well, failed to make adhyatam sikhi available to this person who probably didn't even get a chance to explore deep layers of Gurmat.
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Sorry to hear your experience veer, we are very sad to see you go. I strongly beleive Sikhi is very unique sant and soldier path if its understood correctly and experienced fully. Your bad expereince you had nothing to do with Sikh philosophy and theology, practical spiritual/ soldier /activist sikh way of life, your experience is do with tribal sikh community issues unfortunately prevalent -typical gurdwara community politics of ostracizing which themselves are contary to Sikh Gurmat teachings.

You can still be sikh without tribal sikh community issue baggage. I highly recommend you - take a break - disconnect totally from past and sikh community issue and start fresh as you were new born- read sri guru granth sahib ji as new born naturally learn with sehaj do sehaj patt of gurbani- shabad will itself bring you back in sikhi fold in one point or another.

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Any Sikh who becomes an apostate or converts to another religion should be killed.

Sikhi does not beleive in killing non believers or apostate, If i may ask where you did get this impression or this rigid idea that they should be killed for converting? I have invited basic of sikhi sevadars here to form a dialogue with you here veer and help de-toxicfy some of extreme misconceptions you hold with your statement veer.

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