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Khalse Da Virsa Amrit Bani - San Jose Gurdwara Conference July 27Th - Sri Dasam Granth

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any recordings? of whole program?

Thanks to satnam Singh and his team for covering up this event doing both live video and radio feeds. Keep it up !

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  • 2 weeks later...

Program will start soon in 15 mins.

If any members wants to ask any question please post it here and we will ask it from our speakers: giani sher Singh ambala, dr. Jodh Singh, dr. Harbhajan Singh, s. gurinder Mann, S. GS Lamba

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Singh sabha canada is a paper organization and has no Gurudwara of their own.

They are manipulators and liars.The above is a piece of trash from them. It needs not to be answered.

It should be deleted from the forum.

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They make up points of attack every now and then.That is their livelihood. Videos of this seminar will clearly answer all these points.

DO they not attack SGGS ji.They do that. They say Naam simran is parroting. There is no reincarnation, no karma and no soul.

So do not post old videos of these heretics here again. This happened last year and i see no point in posting in present context.

The answers have been provided on this forum.Better read SGGS and Dasam Granth first yourself and then ask questions or do some search

on the forum.You will get answers.

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