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Hi all,

Here is a new forum that has been set up. If you sign up to the site (you can use existing account logins for Google etc to sign in too) and follow this proposal then this forum will get set up. Other relgions have their forums on Stackexchange, so I don't see why Sikhism shouldn't have one too.




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We should help fellow brother/sisters with more ideas, with our constructive feedback to make it better while appreciating their hard work....more sikhi awareness the better on the web..i must say sikhs have already done excellent job for spreading sikhi online and they already have superseded sikhi parchar on online/social media..very very good job to all cyber sikh sevadars for doing their part...i m very grateful to all of you guys..!!

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N30S1NGH - Good points,

Singh559 -

It really is very easy. When you click on the link above you will see a 'log in' link at the top. Click on that and you have multiple ways you can log in.

You can log in using Stack Exchange, Goofle, Facebook, Yahoo, MyOpenDB, LiveJournal, WordPress, Blogger, VeriSign, ClaimID, ClickPass, Google Profile and AOL. You can also create an account on the site and log in using that. They could not have made it easier for you to log in. :giggle:. Once you are logged in, you can follow the proposal by clicking on the 'Follow' link below the number of followers (currently 10).

You can also ask up to 5 proposed questions. And you can upvote (or downvote) any of the questions on the site. At the moment we need 50 more followers and 40 more questions with a score of 10 or more.

One person from this site has already followed the proposal. So, thank you.

And to give some motivation, here is how the Sikhism site is doing agaisnt other religions (of course I now it's not a competition to say who is better than who, I know that):






So, if we can get 50 more people from here following it, it would make a huge difference.


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Unfortunately, the Area 51 site does not have a mobile app and nor does it have a mobile version of the site. But all the sites that are created using this site (including the proposed Sikhism forum) do and will have mobile versions of the site. Some have apps too (http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/116038/are-there-mobile-apps-for-stack-overflow

). We still need 44 followers for this proposal so please do log in and ask a few questions too if you like.

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    • Is it me or do most of the Singhs you're describing seem to wear glasses / spectacles like these? There's definitely something lacking; testosterone might be it. I think it's a combination of a few things. Not having any exposure to actual trying life experiences that forces someone to change and grow (by reassessing the reality around them) is a huge contributing factor in my opinion. Comfort leads to the soul being subdued, and these types of Singhs have become accustomed to comfort and routine mostly as a result of their own "success." Success brings benefits but it also inculcates a person from experiencing the peaks and troughs of existence.
    • I've always found some of the contradictions in most decent working class and middle-class goreh to be mindboggling. Most of them protect and shield their girls with their lives from birth to around the age of 11 (when they start secondary school), but the parents go from micro-managing every aspect of their existence to practically pushing them into situations that lead to their girls doing stuff that girls twice their age should be encouraged to avoid. It's like they're afraid if they don't nudge their daughters to degeneracy, they'll grow up to be sheltered, fat spinsters. Goreh have completely got the balance wrong, and most of that is attributable to the culture they're exposed to in the media, particularly films and television, that pushes this completely degenerate "rites of passage" bull5hit about kids having to "experiment" with gandh and bukwaas in order to be "rounded" human beings. Complete and utter 5hit. This is one of the crumbling pillars of their society, and I've yet to hear anyone on their side identify it as something that needs to be corrected. Knocking Christianity on the head as a society (even the CofE with all its faults) was a big, big mistake for them. What they've created are generations of their youth with mental health issues because they're forced to operate in a culture that's contrary to their inner natural state that - unless a kid is born a complete lost cause - is averse to most of what's pushed as "normal" in the Western world. With girls it causes a much deeper and more profound problem because when they've spent their tweens up-to their late teens 5ucking off all and sundry at parties and in park bushes on a night out, they've completely destroyed any opportunity of pair-bonding with an eventual long-term partner. Female mental health is in the drain, but you'll never hear the intellectual elites EVER identifying WHY it's where it is, because to do so would destroy the system they've got in place to f**k up these girls for life. It's a sick game they're lost in, and it saddens me to see secular-minded Sikhs in the West getting caught up in much of the same because we're sheep who can't think for ourselves.  
    • https://www.siasat.com/allahabad-hc-denies-bail-to-34-cops-accused-of-killing-10-sikhs-in-1991-2334667/ Allahabad HC denies bail to 34 cops accused of killing 10 Sikhs in 1991 Bench observed that the cops had indulged in a barbaric and inhuman killing of innocent persons by calling them terrorists  IANS|   Posted by Sameer  |   Updated: 26th May 2022 9:25 am IST Prayagraj: In a significant order, the Allahabad High Court has denied bail to 34 constables of the Pradeshik Armed Constabulary (PAC) who have been accused of killing 10 Sikh men in an alleged fake encounter in 1991, treating them as terrorists.   The bench of Justices Ramesh Sinha and Brij Raj Singh observed that the accused cops had indulged in a barbaric and inhuman killing of innocent persons by calling them terrorists. “Besides, if some of the deceased were involved in anti-social activities and criminal cases were registered against them, then too, procedure established by law should have been adhered to, to bring them to task and not indulging in such a barbaric and inhuman killing of the innocent persons.” The court listed the criminal appeal of accused filed challenging their conviction, for a final hearing on July 25. As per the prosecution case, on July 12, 1991, a bus containing passengers/pilgrims was stopped near Pilibhit by a team of Uttar Pradesh Police of district Pilibhit (appellants). They brought down 10-11 Sikh youths from the bus, boarded them in their blue police bus and some police personnel sat in the bus along with the remaining passengers/pilgrims. Thereafter, the remaining passengers/pilgrims kept roaming the pilgrims’ bus the whole day here and there with the police personnel and after that, the policemen left the bus in a Gurudwara in Pilibhit at night, whereas 10 Sikh youths, who were alighted from the pilgrims’ bus, were killed by the police. The 11th one was a child whose whereabouts could not be traced out and his parents were given compensation by the state. Initially, the investigation of the incident was conducted by the local police of district Pilibhit, and a closure report was filed by the local police. However, the Supreme Court entrusted the investigation of the incidents relating to the encounter to the CBI.  
    • Regarding the topic, the Baz account might be against recruitment at Gurdwaras for its general anti-police agenda ("brotherhood" with people of color). But it's right that that's how the police get informers. I doubt that there are too many upsides to having Sikhs in the police. There simply won't be enough of them to make a difference, so what's the point? By the way, every year, the main Gurdwara in Vancouver BC  (Ross Street Gurdwara) commemorates the violent reaction to police interference and informants in the early 20th century.
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