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Wikipedia Articles On Punjabis Biased With Historical Revisionism.


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Have you guys noticed the amount of biases on particularly Jatt articles. By Indian admins, presumably Hindus who favor more of a Hindu bias. For example just read the Jatt article, and then look in the discussion section to see the Indian admins favoring Indian editors and their revisionism.


They try to add things like: "non-elite, peasants, and tillers" none of these things are heard of in Pakistani Punjabi, the Jatts in Pakistan are considered powerful landlords a system kind of based similar to the feudal system, many Jatts in Pakistan don't necessarily till their own land, they get others to do it, they pay people maybe in crops or cash to do the work. From the above article you get a sense of Jatts being illiterate peasants, and their glory days were only during the time when Hindu Jatts were ruling, lol complete and utter nonsense. I have never read some much unfair and biased nonsense in my life. It would be more accurate to call Jatts, Zimidars (Land owners) rather than "non-elite tillers". This is what happens when a whole project like Wikipedia is taken over by one group.

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