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Help Innocent Sikh Prisoners By Helping Yourselves!

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Come and enjoy a learn tradititional martial exercises and intelligent responses to street violence in a respectful and intellgent environment and do sangat with like minded Panthic indivuduals.

Enjoy home made organic vegetarian food.

Support your brothers and sisters, children of Dasmesh Pita, who are languishing in India's cruel jails.

100% of funds goes to Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare.

Send your name and contact number to H Singh on elusivefighting@gmail.com to book your places.

ParmAtma Aap Ji Nu Dharam a te Khushiyan Bakshan

Sri Akaal Ji Sahae

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this is a great initiative and would recommend anyone that can, to attend

what are the dates details etc?

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Following the success of the Bhai Nand Lal Project “Street Awareness” seminars last year, EY Sikh Group has kindly offered to host this summers Sikh fundraising Martial Arts event of the year, Fighting for Freedom.

Hosted at Waterloo overlooking the Houses of Parliament, join like-minded intelligent individuals and arm yourself with practical knowledge on how to deal with knife attacks, escape grabs and hold ups, and improve your health and breathing using ancient martial exercises. See how the ancient fighting arts of South East Asia are still applicable in the modern context.

Alongside, enjoy home made healthy snacks and drinks, and use the friendly, respectful and family atmosphere to network and do sangat.

The event will be delivered over 5 seminars, taking place every Tuesday evening starting from the 6th August 2013. Arrival time 6pm. Seminar time 6.15pm to 9.15pm.

Our goal is to raise AT LEAST £2,000 for this excellent charity and collectively do our part in supporting our suffering and forgotten brothers and sisters, who are innocent victims of India’s corrupted judicial and political system. If the Khalsa truly is ONE FAMILY, then it is about time we started feeling each others pain and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Donation for the 15 hours over 5 seminars is £50 (great value @ £3.33 per hour). That includes all refreshments. If anyone else would like to donate to this cause, they are most welcome and if any participants would like to donate more, they too, are most welcome. EVERY SINGLE PENNY RAISED WILL GO TO SOPW. Sevadaars will cover all seminar expenses at their own cost.

Important contacts (if you are lost):
Lovepreet Singh - Mob: +44 (0)794 111 0323
Manraj Singh - Mob: +44 (0)750 087 7554

What to wear:
Loose/comfortable clothing, flat soled trainers/plimsolls, not running shoes.
Tight keski or patka for Singhs.
Training equipment will be provided.

Becket House
1 Lambeth Palace Road
Nearest tube: Waterloo (7 mins walking)

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Map link - http://goo.gl/maps/lBoR

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Please spread the word.

Make an effor to support and attend the event, come to as many seminars as you can, we are flexible on attendance.


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2 successful seminars delivered, 3 to go... you can still join in!

Learn the principles of intelligent defence and learn to THINK (rather than regurgitate techniques).

Do sangat in a GurMat atmoshphere and enjoy healthy snacks.

Kick start the HUKUM of Dasmesh Pita with most of us do not follow.. start your journey in the art of FIGHTING.


Get in touch and book your place - Mob: 07967 638212 Email: elusivefighting@gmail.com

Pics from seminar 1


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    • Nah, you just don't know how to analyse and read it. It's didactic narratives designed to make sense to the reader - not all historically based.    A lot of it is based around literacy and explorations and adaptations of literary forms, jungh vidhya, bir raas, social issues, just governance. 
    • Yeah, I can spot them from miles away now. Unfortunately this type is also adept at worming and scheming themselves into positions of power - so they are usually at advantage in work hierarchies, and as you've noticed, they can sense your heart and that often makes them hone in. They are VERY jealous and just being liked by others is enough to set them off. They are hyper vigilant, although they act nonchalant, and save bits of info to use against you at a later date.  You're right - they give off an energy you can sense a mile away, just from their presence and facial expressions - even without talking. We must give off an energy too, that they sense.  Their language is another giveaway, they don't talk about feelings, unless it's their own disgruntlement at something. They are completely oblivious to the feelings of others. They often go overboard to try and portray themselves as 'nice people' and go mental when anyone cracks the facade.  I think they really struggle with abstract thoughts and concepts, hence the sole anchoring on material and status and exterior presentation. A materialistic bimbo is their best bet for a partner (they like trophy wives/girlfriends), I feel really sorry for some of the poor women that get embroiled with them only to realise what they are dealing with years down the line after years of emotional abuse and neglect and having kids with them (who get embroiled in the narcs emotional games). They are really good at charming the f**k out of naive people to get what they want.    
    • How quaint , you quoted what i said and changed it, amazing.
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