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alwayshere jee, this is not a good attitude to keep. Not all Muslims are bad. We may have disagreements with other religions on some principles but one should not hate an entire people.

I know, but some of us just feel more comfortable by avoiding them all together.

This means to not have any feelings of love or hate whatsoever. A little like how we try and avoid speed cameras.

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Daas is extremely disappointed by some of the posts on this forum in regards to attacks on Islam and our Muslim brothers and sisters. Even the prophet not been spared and despicable language has been

Thanks osingh veer.. It was much needed.. Finally saw kamal in dirty pond who is free from hatred, animosity, self righteousness mixed with ego pride... Thanks for upholding advait-nirbhaou-nirvair Gu

Brothers, it is high time we realise the difference between certain things. Stating the truth is encouraged in Gurbani, even if it hurts. Presenting objectionable facts from the life of Muhammad Ibn A

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It is wrong to show dis-respect to others we have no right. This is Ego and has no place in Sikhi. There is only one supreme Waheguru. If we start to state that my faith is better than another's then it is showing Ego even if it is true. Our focus should remain on Waheguru alone. This is Guru Ji's message. Guru Ji never shows dis-respect to anyone. Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to the Mosque and showed the worshipers the how to worship correctly. Guru Hargobind Ji built a Mosque. Bhikhan Shah Ji saw Allah's light in Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Ji does not discriminate. Guru Ji points out contradictions and hypocrisies and puts everyone on the right path. Guru is the supreme truth. Waheguru, Allah, Ram, Gobind, Raheem, Khuda, Rab etc... are all names of the same light. We as Sikhs are given the Gurmantar of Waheguru and it is the name Waheguru that Guru Ji has told us to meditate upon.

I have no idea if the Prophet married someone who was 9 years old, I wasn't there, BUT we do know that the very same Namaz that the Prophet did would have been the same that Baba Farid Ji did and Baba Farid Ji tasted Allah's Amrit. The Prophet may have done some good things or some bad things as did all the other avatars before Guru Nanak Dev Ji (see Bachitar Natak for reference).

The point is that people will always say bad things. I have the greatest of respect for someone who is true to their faith and Waheguru such as the Hindu and Muslim bhagats mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji they are all greater than me. There are very few if any that are true Muslims or True Hindus or true Christians or even true Sikhs because people are stuck in petty everyday worldly arguments and miss the glory of Waheguru.

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