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Guest Jassa

Sat Sri Akal sangat ji

I lost two dear friends in a horror crash I'm completely devastated and I'm just finding it hard to cope is there anything anyone can share with me on why do we lose people and in such devastating circumstances thank you.

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Sat Sri Akal ji

sorry if i sound rude, but i am not
singhs used to shout jaikara when some singh died in old times

gurunanak dev ji didnt bring anyone back to life nor did any other guru's

hey belived in hukam of Akal purak, its all his doing even we are not "we", we are his doing , he is the doer

all is hukam :)

cheer up and be thankful to waheguru for what you still got, much worse could have happened

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Yes, although the loss is obviously devastating for you, try to understand an accept that it was hukam- it was in their KAram to go at that time- everything's karma.

We came alone and we go alone- and our end could be at any time any day. These situations bring this fact home to us, if we're smart, we contemplate this and take steps to mentally prepare ourselves for death, to live this human janam without wants so that when we leave this false body, we don't remain attached to our old life.

Remember that as painful as this is for you, it is dukh that makes us turn to Him- it is us paying off our negative karams- and we'll keep getting dukh and sukh- but for every bit of worldly Sukh we get, we get the same amount of dukhi. The cycle never ends until we detach by practicing the truth in gurbani 100%. Thn we pay back our karams really quickly and eventually can gain jivan mukhti.

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