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A Poster With A Shabad

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man maerae thin kee outt laehi ||

O my mind, seek their protection;

man than apanaa thin jan dhaehi ||

give your mind and body to those humble beings.

jin jan apanaa prabhoo pashhaathaa ||

Those humble beings who recognizes God

so jan sarab thhok kaa dhaathaa ||

are the givers of all things.

this kee saran sarab sukh paavehi ||

In His Sanctuary, all comforts are obtained.

this kai dharas sabh paap mittaavehi ||

By the Blessing of His Darshan, all sins are erased.

avar siaanap sagalee shhaadd ||

So renounce all other clever devices,

this jan kee thoo saevaa laag ||

and enjoin yourself to the service of those servants.

aavan jaan n hovee thaeraa ||

Your comings and goings shall be ended.

naanak this jan kae poojahu sadh pairaa ||8||17||

O Nanak, worship the feet of God's humble servants forever. ||8||17||

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ghar ma(n)dhar khuseeaa thehee jeh thoo aavehi chith ||

Homes, palaces and pleasures are there, where You, O Lord, come to mind.

Edited by puneetkaur

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