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Bbc One Must Watch -Sikh Girls Groomed By Muslims


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There was supposed to be a Times article in today’s paper, Saturday 31st August 2013, http://www.sasorg.co...september-2013/

I bought the paper today nothing about SAS, grooming, can anyone shed some light on this?

Anyhow I donated to SAS this morning, I urge everyone to donate even if it is £1.00. It sends a message to SAS that Sikhs are once again united irrespective of creed, race, caste etc. and the sacrifices of Sikhs in the past have not gone to waste and we WILL look out for our sisters. It also sends a message to the perpetrators we are watching and justice will be served and as a community we have awoken and will now take the fight to our enemies.

To the negligent Police, Council, Social Services etc. we are aware of your corruption & inaction and this situation will no longer be tolerated by the good people of Britain & the world. I will be writing soon to the UN & NATO to launch air strikes against our corrupt UK organizations to protect us Sikhs.


Long Live The Khalsa!!!

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Forget the child protection services, the police or any other departments. These agencies may have failed and this should be addressed and looked at immediately.

But the biggest failure this girl had was her own parents! They should have rounded up these guys and took them out one by one. Instead of her parents chasing the police up with the matter, they should have rescued this girl themselves!

Great to see the scumbags jailed finally!

well done to the SAS!

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