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Bbc One Must Watch -Sikh Girls Groomed By Muslims


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Everyone on here sounds just like fascists......

You all seem to be advocating non contact with ALL muslims as a solution!!

Yes there are gangs grooming young girls.....white and Asian and some of those are Sikh girls....

They target those in these groups that are weaker in rigid adherence to stereotypes. So easier to mix with at an emotionally open level.

But Sri Guru Nanak told his Sikhs to engage FULLY with society and play a full if not major role in it. Not to shun society and lose a full perspective of real life through experience of the senses as opposed to opinions formed by secondhand "knowledge". Parents need to raise their empty vassals of children in a filling way feeding them culture aswel as religion. If they don't then someone else will!!

But that doesn't mean lock up your daughters.....it means raise them properly but let them free enough to enjoy LIFE and experience wahegurus wonders.

I don't think most people are saying to avoid contact with all Muslims - like you say Guru Nanak Dev ji's message is not to shun others - but our Gurus also taught as to stand up and defend ourselves. All the recent cases have involved been Pakistani muslim men abusing non-muslim children, yet the authorities keep denying there's any pattern. We shouldn't deny what is in front of our eyes - communication with the decent muslims is needed so they can shun these pathetic men and tackle the causes - these men have families and others who must have been aware of what they were doing.

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Dildhar Miah

Sex beast carved his name into girls’ arms
Date published: 03 September 2013

AN Oldham man who carved his nickname on the arms of two young girls and sexually assaulted a third has been jailed.

Dildhar Miah (21), of Yasmin Gardens, West Hulme, was sentenced to six years imprisonment at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, yesterday after admitting assaulting the two 14-year-olds and sexual activity with a child.

The assaults took place near Boundary Park in August last year when Miah carved part of his nickname into the arms of the two girls with a piece of glass.

He was also charged with an offence of child abduction after a 14-year-old girl was found at his home address in November that year.

He had previously been issued with a child-abduction notice stating that he was not allowed to communicate with her or allow her to stay at his home.

Following further disclosures by the third victim some weeks later, Miah was charged with three offences of committing sexual activity with a child between August and November, 2012, as well as child abduction with intent to commit a sexual offence. He pleaded guilty to all the charges.

Charlotte Rimmer, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS North-West said: “Dildhar Miah targeted his young, vulnerable victims and sought to use his influence as an older male to exploit them.

“Carving his nickname into the arms of two of the girls while they were intoxicated was just one way in which he tried to exercise his control over them.”


Its not just Girls - a lot of boys have been raped but never speak of it due to the shame



Great Horton barber jailed for trying to rape boy

6:00am Thursday 11th July 2013 in News

By Steve Wright, Crime Reporter
2534274.jpg?type=articlePortraitArshad Mahmood
A Bradford barber who tried to rape a 14-year-old boy who went for a haircut was jailed for eight years.
Arshad Mahmood, 33, lured the boy into a cellar at the hairdresser’s shop, where he sexually abused him.
Bradford Crown Court heard the teenager was white with shock when he got home following the attack.
Judge Peter Benson told Mahmood it had been a significant breach of trust.

The judge said: “Parents are entitled to expect that when they send their children to have their hair cut, they are not subjected to sexual abuse.
“You were determined to have your way with this young man.”

Mahmood, of Arncliffe Terrace, Great Horton, was yesterday convicted by a jury, after a three-day trial, of two offences of sexually assaulting the boy and two of attempted rape. He pleaded guilty to a charge of engaging in sexual activity in front of a child.
The court heard Mahmood was working at the barber’s shop, noticed the boy outside and was sexually attracted to him.

The teenager went in the shop for a haircut, but Mahmood attempted to groom him by offering him money, and then asked him to help fetch some towels from the cellar.
Judge Benson told the defendant: “You admitted that was a device to get him in an area where you could have sexual contact with him.”
The judge added: “You intended to engage in sexual activity with him, at the very least regardless as to whether he consented or not.”
While they were in the cellar the defendant kissed the victim and pulled down his clothing. The boy tried to get away but was pulled back.

Judge Benson said he accepted no physical violence or intimidation was used. But he said it was a serious matter because of the number of offences, the persistence of the offending and the abuse of trust.

Mahmood was made subject of an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, preventing him having contact with under-16s, and was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.
His barrister, Abdul Iqbal, said it was inevitable his client would be deported after serving his sentence.
After the case, Acting Detective Sergeant Richard Dove, of Bradford District Safeguarding, said: “The victim in this case suffered a particularly distressing and traumatic ordeal and we welcome the strong sentence given to Mahmood.”

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