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New Born Baby Milk Which One To Buy?


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True, but for a variety of reasons not all women are able to breastfeed.

agreed but that is only when mother is lacking nutrition i hope u have a nutritionist whom u consulted during pregnancy consult the same there are ways u can lactate start on nutritious diet much nutritious i know you already must be taking nutritious diet as u are a mother but even then

and i'd rather suggest 1 year on breast feed out of which 6months should be only breast milk not even water but it all depends on your condition i understand so dont stress ur self on anything read bani eat well and u will do good with maharaji's kirpa

bhul chuk muaf karni

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Nothing but breast milk is suitable for at least 6 months and ideally much longer. See another doctor.

This sort of response is exactly why you shouldn't ask health-related questions on an open forum like this. You get responses from people which may instill guilt/anxiety in your mind about what you are doing ...and you have no idea on what their experience of the issue is..

I can't advise you on which formula milk doesn't have any egg ingredients, but I can say the following (my first child is now coming up to a year old and we looked in a lot of detail at the benefits/issues of both breast and formula feeding).

Many (if not most) women will find it difficult to rely on just breast feeding for a new born - for a host of reasons. You should try to breast feed; but if you can't then do not worry about supplementing with formula milk or eventually relying solely on formula milk.

In our case, we realised at approx. 2 weeks old, that we would (based on consultation with GP), switch to a combination of both formula and breast. At 3 months, we switched to just formula.

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Not sure if you are in the UK or not but I know SMA is a popular formula milk brand here and on this link they explain which products are vegetarian but they don't mention egg/egg powder http://www.smanutrition.co.uk/sma-products/questions--605.aspx

I think it's best for you to check with your doctor and also you could try calling/emailing formula milk companies in your country and ask them to suggest suitable milk or to tell you the ingredients of their products.

Some baby milk contains omega 3 and 6 but this is not always from fish oil so it's best to double check with the companies before ruling any options out.

There is some more info here but it's aimed at vegans so it may not all apply to you http://www.vegansociety.com/lifestyle/parenting/vegan-babies-and-children/breastfeeding.aspx


Apparently some formula milk also contains lanolin-derived vitamin D and lanolin is grease from the sheep's wool so I don't know where you would draw the line, as technically lanolin is vegetarian but not vegan. If you are looking for egg-free, vegetarian milk then you may be able to find something quite easily but if you are after vegan milk which is completely free from any kind of animal derived ingredient (eg. whey/lanolin) then I think that will be a lot more difficult, if not impossible.

Here is a list of animal ingredients as sometimes we may mistakenly think something is vegetarian as it appears to be meat free but actually it may contain other animal-derived ingredients http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/animal-ingredients-list.aspx

In the end, you need to do what is best for you and your baby. Whether that is breast-feeding only, or combining breast milk with suitable formula milk. Always consult your doctor/midwife first as the health of mother and baby is the most important thing.

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Cow & Gate first newborn milk with green colour code or Milupa Aptamil. If there is some intolerancy to these then go for SMA newborn.

Most people have to try around with a few brands to find the most suitable. Some babies can develop some very simple non threatening allergies such as very mild skin blotches to certain brands and they normally get better with a different one.

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Khalsa Jeo,

I am not asking for medical advice I am asking for baby milk other parents use ??

Are you just wanting to have One brand name that you can stick with before you even try ??.................That would be very foolish!!

The 3 choices I gave you above are the most popular that other Sikh parents use !

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