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Which University?


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haha..cha and samosaas..haha i think ill be int he city often enough....im gonna stick wiht Oxford only because its held really highly here and it'll help me get into Grad school later..how far is london from oxford...does everyone here go to kings and bruv? ..maybe i should reconsider :T:

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Guest balwinderkaur
Balwinder bhainji, where are you studying abroad and please do share your expeirences... rolleyes.gif

I am studying at The Australian National University.......i'm studying for a BSc(Psychology). Sangat jee, please do ardaas for daas as she undertakes her exams marking the end of her first year of her studies. _/\_

I will be glad to share my experiences, what would you like to know about studying abroad? Just ask and I'll be happy to answer your queries. :lol:

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh!!!

I just got accepted to University of Oxford, King's College,and University of Warwick for a semester abroad in England. I'll be there for the spring 2005 semester (Jan - Aprilish).

I have to decide which school to choose- as of right i am leaning towards Oxford, primarily for the brand name....

What university would the sangat from england rec, and Why.

Is there anyone here that knows, went, or goes to Oxford that can help me out?

If your from england PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE PM me or EMAIL ME!!!...I wnat to meet sikhs from across the globe and this is the perfect opportunity!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rolleyes.gif

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh!!

I had a chance to go to Oxford an turned it down thinking I don't want to become part of the institution.....................how stupid I was in my younger days....... :lol: .......I'v

e had to work twice as hard to get where I am..............and guess what Ihad to use another Institution the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to further my careeer.............. :e:

...........don't be a mug..........go for Oxford...........even if you fail you'll walk into a job.....................but by Waheguru's grace you'll do well............. :(

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okayy -- so ill be going to Oxford on Jan 4th and ill get there on Jan 5th! - its confirmed i've already sent in the money and everything...im soooooooooooooooo excited! grin.gif

Guru Gobind Singh ji's Gurpurad is on the 5th of Jan and it sucks that Ill be at oxford but I wanna to go to gurdwara on that day, does anyone know is there is a gurdwara in Oxford- or if they know any sikhs in that area that they can introduce me to so ill know someone....I emailed BOSS and they have yet to respond to me

Also - for the UK sangat --what places to suggest i visit - wat are the things that I'll need - when are samagams and stuff - the weather - and jut some tips in general!

THANKS!! :nihungsmile:

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