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Uk Anti-Grooming Petition To Lobby Primeminister To Implement Action Plan


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Pyare Sadh Sangat Ji,

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh

Oxford MP Nicola Blackwood has started a petition with the support of the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, The Children’s Society, Pace, ECPAT, Save the Children, OXCAT and others, to call on the Prime Minister to implement a 6-point action plan to stop child sexual exploitation in the UK.

The petition has gathered almost 100,000 signatures and is looking for a total of 150,000. Please support. Further information on the 6-point action plan and a plea for support by a victim's mother is given below.

Link to petition:


Information on the 6-point action plan:

‘Hidden in plain view within their communities, thousands of vulnerable children across the UK are being cynically targeted, groomed and subjected to appalling sexual abuse by paedophiles and organised gangs. These children have irrevocably lost their childhood.

As an Oxford MP, I saw for myself the appalling devastation caused by child sexual exploitation when it emerged that a violent gang had been grooming and sexually abusing children in Oxford for at least eight years.

Even after all those years of abuse, six victims bravely appeared as witnesses in the five-month trial at the Old Bailey earlier this year.

Groomed to be sold for sex from as young as eleven years old, the victims’ evidence included graphic detail about being plied with drugs and repeatedly raped by strangers. All victims described violent treatment at the hands of their abusers including being tied up, bitten, scratched, assaulted with instruments and being threatened and humiliated.

The victims’ courageous testimony led to the conviction of seven men. Five of them were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sadly though, this case was far from unique. Many cities across the country - Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford, Coventry, Leicester, High Wycombe - have seen their own tragic cases of child sexual exploitation.

That it why, with the support of the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, The Children’s Society, Pace, ECPAT, Save the Children, OXCAT and others, I am calling on the Prime Minister to implement a 6-point action plan to stop child sexual exploitation in the UK.

STEP 1: Introduce new child sexual abuse prevention orders to give police the power to prevent sex offenders abusing children

STEP 2: Make sure local areas set up the specialist child sexual exploitation centres needed to identify and protect victims

STEP 3: Give judges clear guidance on sentencing complex child sexual exploitation cases

STEP 4: Reform courts so that very vulnerable witnesses in child sexual abuse cases are no longer traumatised by giving evidence

STEP 5: Give the Education Secretary the power to order the publication of Serious Case Reviews

STEP 6: End the postcode lottery of support for victims of child sexual exploitation

Please sign the petition and add your voice to those of us calling for action to drive child sexual exploitation from our streets.

This petition is part of the CHILDHOOD LOST campaign. Find out more at www.childhoodlost.co.uk and @childhood_lost

A plea for petition support by a victim's mother:

A group of men I didn’t know befriended my 14 year old daughter, Alice, and started to sexually exploit her. They gave her gifts, took her to ‘parties’ and gave her drugs and alcohol -- all the time with the real threat of actual violence hanging over her.

There were rules at the ‘parties’ and girls were beaten if they did not have sex with the men.

I knew something was wrong. I tried to stop it but she feared the men more than she feared me. The police kept finding Alice at different properties with these men. On my daughter’s Facebook page and mobile phone I found names and numbers of the men all of which I supplied to the police. But I was told it was not enough for action to be taken.

Police should have had the power to prevent these men contacting and abusing my daughter. That's why I am supporting a petition calling on the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to introduce new measures, including prevention orders, to tackle child sexual exploitation. Please sign the petition here.

I believe that if the police had been able to use a prevention order children would not have been raped by these men.

It is terrifying that these men got away with so much for so long and that other children are still trapped in similar situations. Now I'm working with the MP, Nicola Blackwood, and a number of children and parent charities to convince David Cameron to do everything in his power to stop this happening again.

Please support our campaign and sign the petition.

I never want this to happen to another child.

Thank you,

*Names have been changed to protect identities

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