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Daas was lately researching on karninama and wanted a help from sangat that is karninama a work of maharaj? Plz enlighten this muur jeev

Khalsa Ji,

You may find the previous discussion, helpful....


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Its Sri Dasveh Paatshah Jis bani, located in Sau sakhi. The future, how the Khalsa is gonna get Raaj

Karninama is said to have been said/written by Guru Nanak Dev JI at Mecca, and its a concersation between Guru Sahib and a Qazi. I have read it myself, and will try and find a link.

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@Chatanga Sorry Ji I meant Dasveh Paatshah as in sau sakhi as I think its in sau sakhi which is daveh paatshah jis bani, "karninama jo mecca vich qazi rukan deen naal hoiya" qazi rukandeen and paatshah Guru Nanak Dev Ji had a conversation where the qazi at mecca asked Guru ji for the future then maharaj said and described the Khalsa Raaj, "jis dhir kopei Khalsa kambai chauda lou" at the end maharaj wrote: " Karninama jo parrei vadey Sahib sio preet" baisicly, whoever reads Karninama their love with Guru ji will increas.

Bhul chuk maaf ji

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Karninaama is the mukhvaak from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj at Mecca. It is can be hard to get hold of an original version of sau sakhi (100 stories) written by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj as the british went and altered the originals and publised their own versions. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to give sangat darshan of a puratan one.

The story is true but THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION IS VERY WEAK IN CONTEXT TO RETURNING OF GURU GOBIND SINGH (theyre alwas with us in 11th form of Guru Nanak). So listen to the bani but the translation need work.

Karninama is amazing.

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