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Where To Give Dasvandh?


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Can we please make a list of organisations/people/places we can send our dasvandh to with a little description of each cause.

To begin;

SOPW- welfare of sikh innocent and freedom fighter prisoners, legal fees, welfare of sikh families of prisoners, education of children from shaheed parivars.

United Sikhs - legal representation of Sikhs among other things

local Gurdwara Sahib- keertan, katha, langar etc.

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WaheguruJiKaKhalsa !! WaheguruJiKiFateh!!

In north india i find 2 very applealing and doing good work organizations , non prisioner helping though

Educate Punjab project - you pick a kid to educate and give daswand as fee every month , and that kid sends you confirmation of fee recipts etc. they teach sehaj path to kids too

Sikligharh Project - to help Sikh weapon smiths from the time of 6vi paatshahi. these people are literally living in slums

do not give to local gurudwara unless people there are geniuine , many Gurudwara's have money hoggers who eat sangats money rather then putting in good use

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I used to just hand over cash to Gurdwaras and fundraisers..etc.. but I realized that there were too many money hoggers- like Savinderpalji mentioned above, so know I actually try to make out some time and actively get involved with food banks or similar.

The money that is for donation goes with me to the store where I purchase a variety of packed foods and then load them up into truck and make the delivery myself to the food bank.

All these foods go to the homeless and very low income, struggling families.

I have been very surprised with just how many struggling mothers there are that need foods for their kids. The baby foods seem to be the most in demand and sadly I have realized that the stores and shops charge very high prices for these.

By doing this actively, sometimes I feel so sensitive that I mostly end up donating much much more than dasvand.

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Dasvaand is a admirable thing to do for a Sikh but in todays society where your taxed so much by the govt. A more reasonable contribution towards the charitable Sikh causes is need and is appropriate to what people can afford.

The function of dasvaand was to serve as a welfare tax revenue system to provide for Sikh community in a Sikh sovereign state where there was no or little system of governance after achieving area's of freedom self rule away from foreigners. Nowadays expecting people to give up 10% of their income to charitable projects is not realistic. 2-5% of their income set aside for a Sikh charitable cause is more realistic for the average Sikh person.

I would suggest Khalsa Aid a good charity but soe of their latest projects and adventures in non-Sikh area's without helping convert those non-sikhs has left me feeling I would rather give to a charity and cause that uses its resources 100% on bettering the lives and security of fellow Sikhs in troubled Muslim ruled parts of the world.

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Totally disagree. It is not a choice for a Sikh to give Daswand, it is a part of our Rehit. Daswand is a must. It is not our money to keep. It is the Gurus money. By keeping the Gurus money makes us Haramkhors(someone who keeps something that does not belong to them). During the olden times there was indeed tax. Farmers for example had to pay 25% of what they made off their land as tax. Yet still during olden times Sikhs gave Daswand. Dawand is 10% of net income. In nearly all western countries we have the benefit of tax exemption if we give Daswand. So we have no excuses to not give Daswand. We can find all sorts of excuses for not giving Daswand just as we can find all sorts of excuses for not keeping Kesh, keeping Amritvela, doing Nitnem etc.

Totally agree Jonny veerji !

Taxes are for self at the end of he day. I know that no one is ever happy with the percentages but i don't want to go off track here.

They are for self in the sense that they contribute to pension, financial aids, health cover...etc..etc..

So we as society get some sort of future gain or assistance in the future.

BUT- we must NOT think of that as the money out of our pocket as dasvand!

In my opinion your dasvand is not to be mixed up with your tax calculations but it should be 10% or more from the amount you have AFTER-Tax and after all your other deductions.

Every one has their own ways of dealing with personal budgets and I know some people have Very tight budgets after food, utilities and simple living expenses.

However, I have come to know a few people who are not even sikhs but average white Canadians that 'miss' or cut their own extras on personal meals in order to give to others. Imagine someone who afer, fuel, travel, and all living expenses has near enough zero to give. so in effect this person chooses to miss or cut heavily on breakfast for 3 days a week and donate that same food that is not used instead of carrying it over for the following week.

They tend to live week by week in terms of their income and allowances whether they are paid bi-weekly or monthly.

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thank you veerji, how can one give their dasvandh to these projects?

Also remembered;

Sukrit trust- education and career help for sikhs

here are the sites you can donate online as well



further information is in this thread


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Definately not to sangat tv since this new trimmed beard guy Aps mann took control, when ever they are at an event and other tv channel representatives are called to talk or a Gurdwara spokesman mention any other channel, sangat tv seems to have problems with its volume (it goes off), or they end the programme and go to commercials, yet this channel proclaims ekta of the panth, thats a joke when it does these kind of dirty tricks, so not Sangat tv unless you clean up your act and start behaving and playing fairly and putting the panth first no support from me and that goes for all of them but at the moment they seem fine!

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