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Mehtab Singh

Sikhs For Justice Writes Open Letter To Dsgmc President Manjit Singh Gk

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Manjit [singh] GK, [...]

There is a saying in English that the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree and in your case (Manjit GK, President of Delhi Gurdwara Management Committee) the saying couldn’t be truer. Jathedar Santokh Singh (your father) was a proud slave of Indira Gandhi, the Congress Party and a fanatical supporter of the occupation of Punjab by India. Today you have followed your father’s example, but in contrast you replaced one master for another. Today you are a proud slave of Parkash Badal, BJP/Akalis and (like your father) a fanatical supporter of the continued occupation of Punjab by India. But, unlike in the 80s, today the Sikh Nation can quickly identify your slave mentality and bags of lies.

In your mission to ever please your masters you have recently visited the United Kingdom on a futile attempt to stop the Sikh Awakening. You stated your mission clearly during a debate in which you proclaimed your goal is to make the Sikh Nationalists give up their inalienable right to self-govern over their indigenous lands and instead bow down to Indian masters, like you and your father. Your second goal is to persuade second generation Sikh Nationalist, born and raised in the west, to “come back to India” and also accept India’s illegitimate right to enslave our brothers and sisters.

Over the last couple of years, it has been comical to watch the Indians desperately attempt to somehow stop the Sikh Awakening, but your attempt was just pitiable. Manjit GK, your record/history is so pathetic, that if jokers like you are today champions of Indian ideology, then one sees no reason why the Sikh Nation will not be independent within 10 years!!

But let us discuss your accomplishments, Mr. Manjit GK, slave of Parkash Badal, son of Jathedar Santokh Singh, slave of Indira Gandhi.
Firstly, what happened to the hunger strike after Sajjan Kumar’s acquittal?

After Sajjan Kumar was acquitted and the Sikh Nation understood how trustworthy the Indian Kangaroo Court System was, many Sikhs came into the streets in outrage. Knowing your masters would soon wipe you if you didn’t find a solution, you quickly came up with a plan to misdirect the Panths energy. Looking to your second Bapu, Mohandas Gandhi as an example, you organized a hunger strike onto death unless justice was served. You spent roughly 20,000,000 (rupees) of the Panths in organizing and facilitating this “Hunger Strike”. But the moment the issue seemed to be under control, you quickly shot everything down.

Secondly, as a slave of the BJP can you explain why NO BJP government (3 times they have been in power since 1984) has ever taken up the issue of the 1984 Sikh Genocide?

It would be very interesting to know why the BJP, your masters, have never declared 1984 a Genocide, why they have never demanded an account of all the innocent Sikhs murdered across India, or why they’ve never demanded an investigation into who organized the Genocide. But I guess being a slave, you might not be able to ask your masters any real questions huh.
Though we have more questions, we will keep this short, so lastly, how is it that you and your gang of collaborator have enough money to spend $300,000 (US) on your trips to the free world, in the hopes of saving your “Bharat Ma”, but are unable to save our brothers and sisters dying in the Sikh Genocide Colonies?

The answer to that question crystalizes why you and your masters will never be able to stop the Sikh Awakening. Because you could simply care less about the suffering and wellbeing of the Sikh people, you only care about making sure the Indians continue to steel BILLIONS from Punjab through taxes, water, wheat, and many other methods, so long as your masters give you a slice of the booty.
It is astonishing that you and your committee have been able to identify children of asylum seekers, who escaped Indian extermination, yet are unable to identify how many children of Genocide survivors today living down the street from you luxury estates are in dire need of help! !

You are able to spend 300,000 (US) on your trips abroad, yet are financially unable to found any independent investigation into who ordered, planned and participated in the extermination of Sikhs during the genocide. You and your accomplices have yet to hire even a single lawyer who would standup for the victims of this genocide!!

In closing, Mr. Manjit GK, current slave of Parkash Badal, son of Jathedar Santokh Singh, who was a slave of Indira Gandhi, everyone understands what’s happening. You and your collaborators helped the Indians exterminated a generation of Sikhs who were between the ages of 13 – 45 during the years of 1984 to 1996. Having served your Master, your family received millions. Today you live a confortable life as a ‘House Negro’ within India.

But, those Sikh children who were under the age of 13 during those years are now coming to learn of your crimes. Your Indian masters are petrified of what will happen if the world learns and what will happen if the indigenous people of Punjab demand their inalienable right to representative self-governance over their native lands. You too are horrified at the idea that one day a free Sikh nation will judge you and your father’s role in this horrendous crime.

Out of desperation your trying to do whatever it takes to stop the Sikh Awakening. But unfortunately for you and your Indian Masters, the situation is too far-gone now. Too many facts have been reveled; the Sikh Nation is on a one-way path to freedom. And theirs nothing you, your fellow collaborators or your Indian masters can.


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Personally i think Manjit Singh GK is probably the best person to run DGMC. Only drawback is the party he represent in Delhi and no party is true/ok in india and in conclusion he cannot truly represent Sikhs of India. Thanks to SFJ for great job they are doing but I also think SFJ should not release such emotional PR. Diplomacy is the only way for such organization to stay up and above than other rogue so-called sikh organizations.

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