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    • all the muslim girls will want to be guys because that's where the power and choices lie ....
    • Muslims it seems are the only ones making noise about this matter. Concerned white parents are now too scared to say anything because they know they'll be labelled as bigots. But when Muslims do it white SJWs are left confused on what action to take because both Muslims and the LGBTQs are their main causes that they fight for.
    • There is a Clinical Psychologist called Dr Ramani Durvasala and she thinks that personality disorders are a Public Health Issue.  In her opinion NPD is probably between 1 to 5 percent of the population. Narcissism could make up to 50 percent of the population.  I discovered that someone closely related to me had Borderline Personality Disorder  (I have heard of this, never knew what it was). When I go back to my childhood and I look back to all the aunties and uncles into the present day and they tortured their kids. I suspect Narcissistic traits are very common in our community particularly with our older generation, what they put their children through.  Which is why there is growing number of 2nd generation and 3rd generation kids born in the UK having therapy and counselling.
    • Getting married during amrit vela is nice. You should request it for when your time comes.
    • That stuff they are drilling into kids heads in school is messing them up, my colleague a English man told me how his 16 year old autistic son came home one day and said that he is bisexual and that the teachers are saying you can be whatever you want! he said some of his friends have chosen their sexuality while others can't decide yet. Schools are just a brainwashing program, indoctrination. The government is using school to brainwash kids, you also can't debate and question but have to listen to the person of authority, the teacher, with schools they have created a format where from a young age you're taught how to be a sheep and not question authority. Schools are just a replica of the hierarchy, its where they teach you how to stay in you're place and not question or debate the authority, condition you into thinking that. There is no disagreement or questioning encouraged in schools.  I watched this Muslim lady complaining on the news how her 6 year old daughter came home after one of these lessons and started rummaging through her brothers clothes because she wanted to be a boy. 
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