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Another exp that i have been told about within the family is that my mother in laws nani (who was the mother of sant waryam singh ji rara sahib wale), was pronounced dead and just before the cremation was to take place, she woke up and everyone was surprised to say the least, she was told you had died and was going to be cremated, she then said this.

I was taken and dragged through sharp places nettles etc and when i arrived at dharam raj's court, they said you have brought the wrong person and then i was thrown back and thats when i woke up here, needless to say the experience changed her life and she became a devout sikh until her end.

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Iv heard a few throughout the years as well. Heres one of them. A lady who works with my mum was telling my mum how how mother passed away in Punjab and just as they were about to light the fire for the cremation he foot started moving! They then took her back to the hospital and they put her on the machines and she go back up again. She then told everyone how she was taken to this very dark place, people getting tortured and screaming. She said there are two walls there like a alleyway, very narrow and you have to walk between the walls and its pitch black and its so hot and humid between these walls that you can't breath. Its a long line that every one walks in and then 2 jamdoots came along and said to her what shes doing here and that its not her time yet and that she still has so on number of weeks left. After this experience the lady was telling everyone to do Waheguru simran and that only Waheguru simran can save you. She died after the number of weeks that the jamdoots told her that she has left.  

I'v heard so many scary things like this!  but i'm glad i have   it keeps you in check lol 

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