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Why My Husband Doesn't Share His Sikh Knowledge With Me?

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Hi all!

I'm a spanish girl married to sikh punjabi guy. For us everything worked out very well. We met here in europe, quickly fell in love, got engaged. We travelled to india seeking his parents blessings. We got them and we got married. My relationship with his (now mine) family is perfect. His parents are now my own, his bhabhi is now my sister and i his nephews like my own children. If i had to choose one word to describe the last two years of my life would be LOVE!

When i was in india i learned a lot about sikhism, to be honest i felt that i was a sikh before i even knew that word. I've been a vegetarian for many years, i ve always been involve in charity events, my parents had rised me without any prejudice, and i love meditation. So now i found this religion that had so many things in common with the way I understand life. So i began to get interested.

The problem is that my husband is not interested. He doesn't share his knowledge with me. I 'm a bit lost because i don't even know where to start. I'm reading books and checking many websites but i miss to have someone to talk to. To discuss,to share my feeling about this religion im embracing.

Any idea of why he acts like that? Everything else between us is great.

He also don't want to talk about having babies. But i don't think this has anything to do with that.

When we go to gurdwara i have so many questions....and he looks annoyed when i start. Where we live there is only sikh boys (not girls or families), and the other gori wifes are not interested in sikhi.

I'm feeling a bit lonely in this journey...


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He probably doesn't know much about the Sikh religion himself. I think your enthusiasm for the Sikh religion is causing feelings of inadequacy and guilt (to some extent), and he doesn't know how to deal with it. Don't worry, just keep doing what you're doing and don't lose heart.

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Can confirm. Hardly any guys from Punjab know about their faith as not much is done to teach kids. So as VanHelSingh Ji said, he probably feels ashamed by his lack of knowledge. There is cyber sangat (this forum for example) and some online resources you can use. Basics of Sikhi youtube channel is a good place to start.

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