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Jalandhar: Heroin smuggling along the international border in Punjab has been on the rise with over 281 kg of the contraband seized from the state's border belt adjoining Pakistan this year.

At an average, 25.5 kg heroin was seized every month from the Punjab Frontier by Border Security Force troopers this year, BSF Punjab frontier IG Ajay Kumar Tomar said.

"About 281.05 kg heroin worth Rs 1,405 crore in the international market was seized this year. Last year, over 278 kg of the contraband had been seized by BSF," he added.



CHANDIGARH: Punjab, which had emerged as the fourth worst state in India in terms of sex ratio at 893 females, has now recorded maximum crimes of domestic violence against women for this year with its 181 police helpline service.

In the quarterly review meeting of Punjab's first statewide 24x7 service, domestic violence emerged as the biggest crime with 624 registered cases.

This was followed by 205 cases of dowry harassment, 76 of rape, 71 of eveteasing, 31 of sexual harassment and five of stalking.

In all, 3,339 cases of crime against women were registered through this new service. While 2,804 women mustered up the courage to report such cases to police, 535 men called cops to report crimes against women.

"Domestic violence has emerged as a concerning trend. About 41% callers and complainants have been women. But the good thing is, women have started trusting our 181 service," said ADGP (security, law and order) Dinkar Gupta. Besides, he added, 70 cases of counselling were registered where mainly women were advised on how to handle cases of matrimonial disputes, relationship issues and abusive attitude of males and report them to the police.

According to 2009 report by International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), Punjab has four types of domestic violence - control, psychological, physical and sexual. In all categories, domestic violence is the highest at 96% among the Scheduled Caste (SC) community, followed by non-SC Hindu (85) and non-SC Sikh communities (82).

"Violence within homes in Punjab villages is a norm rather than an aberration. High male child preference in peasantry and practices such as dowry exchange, levirate marriages and honour revenge are the reasons for domestic violence," the report had stated.

It had also cited prevalent large affinity for weapons in Punjab behind the overt and dangerous masculinity. "It is common to find sitting rooms decorated with guns and kirpans. Guns as a symbol of power proclaim social dominance of the family and the men in particular," it said.

A total of 8239 complaints were registered with the 181 service.

Women complaints (Jan-Oct 28, 2013)

Domestic violence: 624

Obscene calls: 181

Dowry harassment: 205

Rape and rape attempts: 76

Eve teasing: 71

Sexual harassment: 31

Physical stalking: 5

Others: 2146

Total: 3339

5 worst states in sex ratio (Census 2011)

Haryana: 877

Jammu & Kashmir: 883

Sikkim: 889

Punjab: 893

Uttar Pradesh: 908


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