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Sangat ji, if you care for Sikhi and the Singhs who are illegally behind bars despite serving their jail terms, share this message as much as possible on your social networks; facebook, twitter etc

Today December 2, panthic Jathebandis have decided to hold a KESRI MARCH in Support of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa to be taken out on Wednesday 4th December 2013, from




where Bhai Sahib is holding his fast-unto-death for the release of Sikh prisoners.
SANGAT is requested to join in this Kesri March.

Route: Jalandhur, Ludhiana, Samrala and Morinda

edit (thanks to Jivan76) : There will be a demonstration outside Indian high commission in Birmingham Tuesday 3 December 1pm-3pm.


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I agree with the above post, Indian media is trying its best that nobody hears about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa, and his efforts to get Sikhs released form the Indian jails.

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Also Khalsa Ji please please do not neglect our duty to join our mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters and bazurghs outside the indian high commission for rôss mahjarah in Birmingham tomorrow 3 December 1-3pm.

Bhul chuk maaf

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Just perused the Tribune, and there is no mention of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa's fast!!

Found one :

Sikh bodies March in support of Gurbaksh Singh on March 4

AMRITSAR: To highlight the cause of Gurbakash Singh, who is on fast-unto-death for last 18 days, the Sikh bodies have resolved to undertake a March on December 4th from Akal Takht to Gurdwara Amb Sahib in Mohali.

Gurbakash Singh, who is on hunger strike since November 14th has sought the release of certain former Sikh militants, who according to him were not being released from jails even when they had completed the prison sentences awarded to them by the respective courts.

Representatives of Sikh bodies on Monday met Gurbakash Singh in Mohali to express their solidarity with him and also to attract government's attention towards their demand.

In a joint statement issued after meeting Gurbakash SIngh on Monday Dal Khalsa spokesperson Satnam Singh Paonta Sahib and Panch Pardani leader Harpal SinghCheema said the march would begin from Amritsar on 4th morning after performing ardas at Akal Takht. After passing through various cities, it would reach Mohali in the evening.

Kanwarpal informed that amongst other who attended Monday's meet with Gurbaaksh Singh includes Dal Khalsa head Harchranjit Singh Dhami, Panch Pardani leader Daljit Singh Bittu, former IAS Gurtej Singh , former DGP Shashi Kant, former Akal Takht head Professor Darshan Singh, Human Rights Activists Advocate Navkiran Singh, Advocate Amar Singh Chahal, Sikh scholar Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon and Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrehanwala.

The speakers castigated Shiromani Akali Dal for its alleged stoic silence and urged its leadership to take up the issue of release of Sikh prisoners with the Union home ministry

Justifying the hunger strike by Gurbakash Singh, they said denial of justice to Sikhs by successive governments have forced him to take this step.


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Just got back from Birmingham demo and am shocked and saddened!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was the youth?????

****ing keyboard warriors!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Well I had one relative (through marriage) from back home who was snatched up to do his MSc in Germany (something about auto-driving cars with BMW). When he finished that, he was snatched up by America (Texas to be specific) to do his PHd overthere, all he had to pay for was his ticket there and they have set him up with uni fees and accomodation. Another female relative in the same branch of the family just got a job in a Panjabi university as a Chemical Engineer lecturer, so things are happening.  Not enough in my opinion though. Says a lot that hordes of sons of relatively affluent pendu families back home aspire to come to the UK and become builders. There is an anti--intellectual culture back home. There is little to no culture of appreciating/developing gian for gian's sake - and it explains a lot of what we see. 
    • There has been a concerted, long term effort to dumb the panth down and promote barn-dance jamboree culture over all else. This helps keep 'wild Panjabi Sikhs' docile and easier to control. Sadly too many of our own are complicit in this, and actively help promote it themselves.  But people are waking up to this. 
    • Guest Guest Singh
      Wjkk wkfj! Sangat ji I have been getting thoughts of late regarding the academic culture in Punjab. There does not seem to be a thriving one currently. I might not have good knowledge in depth regarding the same, and do correct me if I'm wrong which I hope I am, but isn't it so much rare these days to come across a Punjabi scientist who is the best in his field? Or maybe an economist? A researcher of some kind who has contributed to his field of work. Why don't we see enough people at top management positions in the corporate world who have acquired their degrees in Punjab? This is another isse, we don't really have many quality education institutions or central government companies that are headquartered in Punjab. I read somewhere that there used to be many bungay in Amritsar that were centres for learning in a specific subject each. Why have we been unable to cultivate a learning culture within our native land? Why do we have to go out of Punjab, to other states or even abroad, if we need to gain quality higher education in a subject? I feel like it's high time we start focussing some energy on improving Punjab's academic climate. What do you think about these issues? Please let us all know. Wjkk Wjkf!
    • Simple: There are Guru Granth Sahib ji sarups, too, which feature purported paintings of Guru ji. Does that mean that Guru Granth Sahib ji is fake, too? The bani is real (Aad or Dasam), the paintings are artists' conceptions.
    • I totally understand preventing new fake users signing up and spamming the board with advertising links and such. It is puzzling and also frustrating why users with hundreds, some with thousands, of posts would need to be be similarly restricted. If they had been causing a problem, they would have been discovered years ago. The disabling of the "link" button is similarly problematic (for longtime users).  
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