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cool water

Good On Gursant Singh For Standing Up For Sikh Political Prisoners In Punjab

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    • Hanji, but both these singhs still used onions etc in their bhojan, but only very little amounts of it. It’s not like they don’t eat it at all, they just take into account that it raises tamogun so will not add large quantities. 
    • That really means so much, thanks ❤️ It’s hard because I don’t know who reads it, or actually if it helps. I just sort of imagine there might be someone who gets something from it
    • I heard in a Katha that part of dasam granth is translated from hindu granths and some parts are missing.
    • I got full text saved on my PC and the notification email with text. Go on hack me and help yourself! I want to see if you can do anything other than talk 🧐 You got 12 hours if you do it I’ll buy you a Kit Kat so you can Have A Break 😂 Akalifauj be like “Siri hack Singh375” 🤣😂 ——— To readers, we are God’s children he wants us to be happy. Don’t be too serious that we don’t laugh and smile sometimes too 😉
    • You said you are Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  Do you really want to know how Guru Sahib is testing you.  Guru Sahib wants to see if you will be honest and say, yes I did say I am Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji,  but I made a mistake.  I am not Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.    You can keep on lying to the sangat here.  But I saw the post and I wish I had taken a screenshot to show actually what you wrote.   I have not insulted you.  What I have done is hurt your ego.  You wanted everyone to bow down to your self absorbed posts.  I did the opposite and you behaved like a child in responses to me.......Look everyone hes asking me questions, why is he asking me questions?  Someone make him stop, please I can't handle the critical questions.  The real Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji would have answered my questions and would have done it with ease. You claimed you are Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.   Guru sahib wrote down dhur ki bani.  Present one shabad of yours that can even match to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji shabad and I will stop asking you questions.   Had a missionary called himself Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji  @S1ngh @ADMIN @MOD would have hopped on it and made a mockery of the missionary member.  But since they like you.  They hid your thread.  
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