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cool water

Report These Racist "sardar Ji Jokes" App's On Google Play Store

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This app's needs to be reported to google play store.

Look what is says in one of the descriptions:


***Santa Banta Jokes Application For Android Phone With More Fun********
****Santa Banta Jokes are typically for the entertainment of friends and onlookers. The desired response is generally laughter; when this does not happen the joke is said to have "fallen flat" or "bombed". However, jokes have other purposes and functions, common to comedy/humour/satire in general
******Sardarji jokes or Sardar jokes, are a class of jokes based on stereotypes of Sikhs "Sardarjis". Although jokes about several ethnic stereotypes are common in India, the Sardarji jokes are one of the most popular and widely circulated ethnic jokes in India and Pakistan
***More Jokes****
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Punjabi Sikhs have a twin heritage. Sikhism and Punjabiat ( cutting the negative maya out)... Other East Indian cultures theres an empty void that doesnt have much past a colonial history.

You got Singhs, with the whole real thing, shine like Bling n King, others cringe n whinge!

Empty vessels who cant wrestle, Even if they half fill, they still not chill, Souls with no goals!

They can bark in the dark with no history mark!

Wear your bhaana proud, keep your boli loud.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

The jokes are part of the campaign to de-humanize Sikhs, they are very deliberate and began in India after the Sikh genocide of 1984.

The jokes pre-dominate in specific hindu communities (and associated media) known for their extremist views, unfortunately, the racism is now spreading world-wide.

'Santa Banta' jokes surreptitiously refer to Shaheed Satwant Singh and Shaheed Beant Singh (who the sangat is encouraged to research and remember).

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They would not allow hindu jokes, muslim jokes, christian jokes.... why do these cowardly hindus think its acceptable to make jokes on Sikhs? who saved their daughters and people in the battlefields of northern hind many a time.

It is a campaign to dehumanise and see Sikhs in India as a joke.... but they do have a point... when you look at a sardar in indian bollywood shows or movies they are often portrayed as a joker as a weakling as a sidekick fool clown.... And that is a fault of master tara singh who in 1946 sided with joining india when Sikhs could have had a seperate nation. Yes Sardars were fools and still are fools the ones who say our people are treated just fine in india why do we need a separate nation. We look at the head of damdami taksal who is seen in a photo sitting on the floor while holding the leg of his master mr parkash badal like a minion. These weak sardars rather than stand up to his corrupt rule and fight for whats right are now agents of that corrupt raj and thus the hindustani's see that the once brave sardars are nothing more than cowards with no fighting spirit, honour and self respect left.

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    • YES! valid points. Life is a thing which can pull people into good / bad stuff. Religion, friends, fam and society can be factors. I too went down a "Make a quick buck" routine a few years back as I considered myself in a "Hard" life. Of course no one was hurt, injured or robbed in the process.
    • Iv listened to it before  I think it's real     he starts reciting the Quran as well 
    • @mods I'm not sure if this violates the forum rules. Please feel free to remove/alter if required. This is not a promotional post and I'm not affiliated with stack exchange. I've just submitted a proposal to them. Satsriakal people! I've created a proposal at stack exchange( the largest question/answer website on the web, similar to quora) to start a sub site devoted to Sikhism where people can post questions and receive answers from others. I request everyone to please follow the site to keep it active so that it can be pushed to the next stage(beta)and isn't deleted.
      Please click "follow" at the below link: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/122932/sikhism Once the number of followers meet the minimum criteria, there will be a sub section on stack exchange devoted only to Sikhism, which I think will be a great thing. Let's give our best to make this proposal count. Since this is a new proposal, it also lacks sample questions. Please feel free to upvote the existing questions or add new ones related to Sikhism.
    • shes from a different community n anotha part of town. abt 15 yrs younger than the female elder as well. so y wud she be keepin their company? seems like she was either abandoned by her own for wateva reason n lost her way. maybe livin rough n desperate before bein targeted. or she knew the place well as a worker or regular customer n wanted a piece of the prize from wat wudve seemed a simple 'transaction'?
    • Sidh Gohst is a Sikh Prayer... (i hope u weren't being sarcastic)? Prayer came about when Guru Nanak Ji had an assembly (gohst) with Sidhs, hence the name Sidh Gohst. The prayer is like a Q&A session where Sidhs ask n Guru Ji answers... NOW! Who been telling me to stick t learning about Sidh Gohst?? 😔

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