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Nature Vs Nurture When It Comes To Be Soldier

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What role does nature vs nurture play in producing soldiers and building empires

Its no secret that some of the best soldiers are most athletic

African americans including africans in other nations dominate sports like over 70 percent of the nfl is african and over 70 percent of the nba are african and look at boxing mma and make 12 percent of the american population

But historically the europeans have colonised africa thouigh africans have proven they are physically stronger genetic

Nurture plays huge role cause its the culture people are raised in

Bihar once had a martial culture that conquered afghanistan and iran but today have a very different culture n in no way can go conquering other countries

England culture promotes soccer aka football and very little ice hockey and canadian culture promotes ice hockey and very little soccer and that is why england is great at soccer and horrible at soccer and canada is great at ice hockey and bad at soccer

But if u switched the two cultures an ice hockey became englands sport and soccer became canadas sport then canada would have one of the best soccer teams n worl and england would have best ice hockey team in the world

What role did nature play in making sikhs historically amazing soldiers

What role did nurture play in making sikhs historically amazing soldiers

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Grown up in London all nationalities up here mate..white black or brown.

Some folk are just more ruthless. Everything grow closer you now get shady individuals play the system like smooth operators. You dont need muscles for that. But you should always learn self defence.

Some in Punjabi community who put things down to genetics, all i can say is you get wimps and hardmen in same family structures.. Anakh and simple living breed good habits. Seen some amazing spirit from lots of different communities..

One of my workfriends is a thrice migrated Mauritian french guy whos ancestors from Bihar. Guys about 5 foot tall, skinny, assertive, confident, cocky when he gets in a row he either finishes it or plays it dark till its in his favour.. Thats the thing in this world now people look upto Tacticians who carry themselves in a certain manner.. muscle power is getting common, lads on steroids or powders yeh from a distance you admire a physique but then when you hear a squeeky voice come out you think yaar ah ki hoyah?

Another workfriend is ENglishman Army Veteran Parachuters Reg served over in Ireland, Falklands, Cyprus, from a family tradition of Warfare, but a 3 month baby cat has softened him up, haha..

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When you look at how fiercely the Tamil Tigers or Japanese fought you can realise that athletic build is not enough. The motivation for their cause and organisation were more important.

If athletic build was the most important factor then Sikhs, Pathans and blacks would be having great power. Such groups can not succeed in building modern empires on the basis of their physiques. You need to have brains, modern technology, etc. like the Israelies.

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conditioning naal ghall bandi.

Fedor now retired lost a few towards the end. His documentaries showed the effort he put in to pull off some good wins.

I didnt like old Naseem Hameds antics much but he made a good observation in the Froch v Groves fight, that he got up after being banged out and carried on the way Naseem did in his prime like two hearts beating in one body at the same time.

Race has no meaning. I remember 2 of the Bhassi Brothers in London fought some legendary battlles one on street and the other inside prison system. The numbers that went down were spectaculaar too.behind that was decades of hard conditioning, mental toughness and facing National front skinheads in one of the most Racist Haunts of the time.

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