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sadhsangat ji with kirpa of maharaj daas was yestarday trying to jaap of mool mantar and while doing so at a point while daas was reciting mool mantar sahib ji it happened like for 20 secs or so it like daas was saying aad sach and he just forgot that he has to say juugad sach ... like the thought just dis sapped from mind for 20 secs or say...

has anybody experienced this?

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o ok, sorry, yes, it does sound very ambiguous.

basically, this does happen to people. (i.e. missing lines where they should have said bani). but, on a subconscious level, when you are "in the zone" so to speak, words carry less significance, and feelings take over. so, it could have been you were in a trance state. :p that means, when you say the bani, you basically said it in your heart, but your mind heard it as if you said it out loud. thats a good thing.

now obviously, you can skip bani if you are not paying attention, or if you are doing other things, falling asleep etc. and basically, not concentrating on bani. but, its also possible that you were in the zone, said it with your heart, and skipped saying the line because of it. best thing is, if you think you've skipped it, go back to the previous pauri, and start again. we cant miss bani out. we cant change bani. so... yh.. hope this is clear now :)

just read and concentrate on bani. we need to be doing paat from maharaj tabiya. so we gotta get rid of our mistakes. and recite shudh (correct) bani.


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