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Almost Half-Century Later, Sardar Kapur Singh's Warning Continues To Haunt Sikh Nation

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What about otherside.They are even worse than those whom they are condemning.

They did not spare a poor sikh, Bhai Gurbakhash singh khalsa, who did undertake fast

for release of prisoners. They wanted to kill him so that they could play politics.

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Sardar Kapur Singh was spot on , as a member of the ICS he saw first hand how Gandhi and Nehru were planning the destruction of the Sikhs.Unfortunately our ineffective leadership who sold the panth for the smallest of favours did not listen. We saw many of our Jathabandis and Sants for what they are during the Gurbaksh Singh action for their lack of support. The Politicians, Drug gangs, Killer of Sikhs and even some our Sants have ended up in the group, time for change.

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