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1. Why has god made this universe?

2.Is it just a little play thing for him?

3. Why even exist instead of nothingness?

4. We believe we have been seperated from him but why did he seperated us?

1. God alone only knows, those of us like myself who are not Mahapursh can hardly be in a position to fathom out why.

2. No, Gurbani only refers metaphorically to this being a "play" not literally. Ik Onkar is not a personality that speaks Hebrew, Arabic or Sanskrit gets bored and plays around. The suffering of millions of starving and dying children or victims of Genocide is no act of "playing".

3. Only God knows but if we merge with God we may found out.

4. Who is to say that we were separated deliberately given that separation and re-merger may be the natural nature of existence (God).

dont get it tho, like what was the point in all this... what was there before all universe... was he that bored?

God is above boredom and mundane human thoughts. The whole question interprets God to be some kind of personality when in fact God is all that is good in the Universe and beyond.

5.So why is he playing this game?

6.Why do we need to praise him?

7. Is he that egotistical that he requires our worship?

5. ParmAathma is not "playing" a game like kids play video games. The whole reference to "play" is that life is an illusion.

6. God doesn't need our praise. Prayer and Naam Simran strengthens us in our life. Rabh doesn't need praise like egotistical human beings.

7. Worship of Ik Onkar is best performed by good deeds to others (as Sant Puran Singh Ji Pingalwara showed true Naam Simran)

We don't know the full nature of God, nor the secret of why exactly we exist in this form ... however, thanks to God, we do know our purpose. And our purpose on Earth is to do seva and create a world of Sarbat Da Bhala with no suffering (Global Begumpura) if we wish to merge with God (as with God there is no suffering ... unlike as exists when we are separate from Ik Onkar).

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What if ther is somet above him, and he has only shown his self to sants bramgianis, cus it does say in bani that a bramgiani can become one with him but cant put a anth (end) to him, for example, we buy some action figures and we make them play and the toys only kno of us and dont kno whats beyond cus its only been exposed to us and not the beyond, what if thats same in gods case, we are his action toys but he hasnt shown us beyond, if ther is a beyond.

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