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'evil' People, Death, Feelings

Guest confused

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Guest confused

Hi All

I am a bit confused about 'feelings'

Are feelings related to ego? How are we meant to feel if someone 'evil' dies e.g. Ashutosh Noormehl...do we be happy and celebrate an enemy of Sikhs has died? i feel conflicted...i feel like i should say a prayer for the soul and hope he is given the chance to 'redeem' his evils/sins?

Surely an All Loving and knowing and Embracing God would be ok with this? Am I going against Sikh principles if I pray for our "enemy?" Are we not meant to ask for Srabat da bhalla?

Apologies for ramblings

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Yea it is a confusing issue, I think we can have our personal opinion because we are Akal Purakh de faujh, we can condemn that person for their actions, if criminal they can be punished within the laws of that land and receive punishment via the legal system. We can do ardas out of our own compassion for that person, that in no way is anti gurmat, but the end all and be all is really, they will be judged at the weight of their own karma. They will then be reborn at stage one and will have to get their karma right to progress through to human birth, for in this Jhoon we can achieve Mukhti, but can you imagine having to go through 8.4 million Jhoon to gain human form? What a horrible thought, even worse than the Abrahamic faiths concept of Hell.

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