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Sikh "terrorists" Will Enter From Sea!

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IB sources say Sikh terrorists are to take sea routes and land routes to enter India. Narendra Modi or Parkash Singh Badal is the hit list of Sikh terrorists. 250 Khalistani terrorists trained in Pakistan. Terrorists trained for more than 9 months

ihna kutteyaan nu hunn fer daroune supne aun lappaye !!!

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I think the Sikhs deserve to be mocked like this by the the cynical anti-sikh elements of Indian media because majority have not woken up how the evil murderous terrorist RAW and IB organisations works so it is our kaums fault for be victimised again and not countering this kind of material and instead sitting in gurdwara with 3ft turbans on long dhari's eating chai and pakora doing naam jaap all day.

The enemy is openly slapping you with vile propaganda and 30 million+ Sikhs worldwide are asleeping and not reacting to the enemy supplying disinformation again.

May waheguru grant all of our kaum with pro-activeness, wisdom and intelligence.

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These guys are so predictable now. Each time the Sikhs seem to be getting a dim hope of global support for their cause, these gutter worms come up with the same old "Sikh terrorist" fiasco to turn the tide in their favor.

Evil 101

Propaganda = Repeat a lie enough times, and everyone will BELIEVE its the truth.

But then choose what kind of lie?

The word "terrorist" & "terrorism" is a perfect way to DEFINE you opponent to DE-legitimize your opponent from ANY FORM OF RIGHTS, platform & representation anywhere in the world to have their voice heard.

Arnab Goswami was calling Baba Jarnail Singh a terrorist who kioned hands with Pakistan on Times Now the other day. Majority of Indian will never blame the army as its seen as being "unpatriotic" :stupidme:

There I was thinking. What did Baba jee do to TERRORIZE ? How did he TERRORIZE from Darbar Sahib?

Btw, I hope Maggie is rotting in hell for her role in 84.

No wonder the troll went cuckoo towards the end of her life. Karma :respect:

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