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    • The Khalsa Panchayat - the Sikh Council of army chiefs threatened to kill Raja Lal Singh over this affair.   Sher Singh was very admiring of the British and their war technology. Being a natural and gifted soldier this was natural.   This is a common theme in royal households. Queens wanting their son to be King so it would raise their own profile prestige and power.   Think about this. Maharaja Ranjit singh committed some kurehit. Akali Phoola Singh had him tied to a tree, ready to be whipped. Why didn't Akali Phoola Singh claim the throne of Lahore?   The Dal Khalsa did crumble.  After makng many victories and taking rule of large swathes of territory what happened to the Dal Khalsa within a decade ? They all starting fighting each other and became weak.   Just an old wives tale.
    • Oh wow so they were 18? Was his parent traditional into Sikhi? Parents old family friend, his son really smart highly educated, and had high flying job was earning $$$, he'd ended up having baby with European girl. The relationship didn't last for long and was tumultuous for many years. Anyway the grandfather shortly passed away, the grandma, did raise him, sent him private school they're really well off so didn't have to suffer much, but now son in 20's and he's doing pretty well.  Others i know turned out really bad, due to neglecting the child.  I think due to the low fertility rate we having, if they're having kids out of wedlock and young..then grandparents should take care of them and raise them as much as they can in Sikhi. If the kids didnt turn to be how they'd expected the grandkids might lol 
    • Not only the earth which we abuse as you say, but rather everythig made out from the 5 tattwas, which is for sure perishable. Only Waheguru, and souls, which have emerged  from Him, are imperishable.
    • What happens when the world dies? I think you mean when the creations ceases to exist. When that ocurrs, everything  will return into its origin. In our case as souls, our origin is Sat Nam.  In that respect the Bani tells us : ਉਤਪਤਿ ਪਰਲਉ ਸਬਦੇ ਹੋਵੈ ॥ Outhapath Paralo Sabadhae Hovai || Creation and destruction happen through the Word of the Shabad. Everything that exists, has been created from the Shabad. Nothing exists which has not been created by It and from It.
    • Why OP desperately only wants to hear yes for drinking  🤷‍♂️ SRM says NO >> Means NO
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