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Sikhs Mark 100 Years In Kisumu Despite Statue Damage

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Sikhs mark 100 years in Kisumu despite statue damage


KISUMU COUNTY: Kisumu residents, who recently brought down a religious monument erected in the centre of the lakeside city, claiming it was satanic, were overawed by the colour, splendour and solemnity rolled out by members of the Sikh community celebrating 100 years of the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Temple in commemoration of which the damaged monument was built.

The city was in a carnival mood, with prayers, song, drum beats and trumpet melodies renting the air as hundreds of Sikh faithful from all over East Africa marched from the historic temple in a road show like no other.

The procession was made up of trucks, tractors and even tankers bedecked with flowers and religious colours, and carrying revered sect leaders as it snaked its way through downtown streets to Guru Nanak Darbar Temple in Milimani and back.

Refreshments were in plenty for everyone present.

Nominated MP Sonia Birdi graced the occasion and delivered a message of reconciliation and respect among all communities for lasting peace.

She urged forgiveness and remission for the people who destroyed the monument that cost the community so much to erect, saying it takes divine intervention for anything to happen.

Ms Birdi praised Kisumu people for maintaining peace and displaying respect for their Sikh contemporaries throughout the procession and ceremonies.

She described the Kisumu event as significant by the way it united the Sikh community.

This kind of unity ought to be maintained and built on for the greater good, she said.

It is high time national education was conducted to enlighten the people on the differences between Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and even Christians. To achieve this, we need mascots to preach the message of peace, love and unity as a prerequisite to prosperity.

Charanjit Singh Hayer, the chairman of the centenarian temple, which still retains its original architecture, called for unity and understanding irrespective of religion, race or culture.


He lauded the Sikh community in Kisumu for remaining strong in spite of challenges such as the destruction of the historic monument.

A plaque at Kisumus Siri Guru Singh Sabha Temple located on Mosque Road indicates that S Attar Singh, whose title is given as Permanent Way Inspector of the Uganda Railway, laid the temples foundation stone on December 21, 1913.

The controversial Sikh statue was brought down for the sake of peace in the lakeside city. One of the Sikh Sheikhs, Bilayi Singh, said they would build a water fountain instead.

He said the Sikh community worships one god, not the devil.

The residents had claimed they would welcome only sculptures of Kenyan heroes in the town.

CORD leader Raila Odinga had held a meeting with religious leaders to avert a looming religious conflict in the town.

Source - http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/mobile/?articleID=2000106678&story_title=Sikhs%20mark%20100%20years%20in%20Kisumu%20despite%20statue%20damage/thecounties/


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    • 1. Can you share the source of this reading? So we can all get some more context and verify the validity of this reading material please?   2. Raaj isn't really preached in the teaching of the Gurus. If so, I'm sure the 10 Guru's would've clearly made this apparent in their teachings and would have accomplished this objective themselves.    Sri Guru Granth Sahib - Ang: 534 (Guru Arjan Dev Ji): Raaj Na Chahou Mukat Na Chahou Man Preet Charan Kamalare. (I do not seek power and I do not seek liberation. My mind is in love with your lotus feet)   Sri Dasam Granth Sahib - Ang: 57 (Bachitar Naatak):   Ham Ih Kaaj Jagat Mo Aae. Dharam Heth Gurdev Patthai. (I have set foot on this Earth for this one reason; to propogate righteousness)   Jahaan Tahaan Tum Dharam Bithaaro. DushT Dokheean Pakarr Pachharro. (The Lord has asked me to spread Dharam and vanquish tyrants and evil-minded individuals)   I could reference countless other tuk's from Gurbaani but i'm sure these two suffice.   Akali Baba Phoola Singh Ji was walking in the steps of the teachings of the Gurus; on a mission to eliminate the enemy; in this case being the British who tried ever so hard to eliminate our teachings by performing disgusting acts such as but not limited to: Creating the SGPC Spreading propaganda of the Khalsa Issuing 'shoot on-sight' orders to kill Singhs Spreading propaganda on our scriptures Sending in paid Sikhs to spread nonsence and create divisions Polluting the Khandeh Di Pahul maryada by introducing other cults to participate Removing the Nihang Singhs from the Akaal Bunga Sahib aka Akaal Takhat Sahib and therefore the whole Jathedaari system that has been in place since the time of the Gurus.  
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      I feel like some people on this post are being really hard on you. You're in a really difficult situation and I feel like that can happen to anyone. I feel like the advice just do Paat or Gurbani and everything will work out isn't completely accurate advice. Gurbani will only change a person when they themselves want to change, or when it's written into their Destiny by Mahraaj themselves.  No one should tolerate rude and disrespectful behaviour. It's just not acceptable. It might be possible for you to set particular boundaries with your husband, especially since you have children too. But I think the best thing to do would be to honestly consult with yourself and see whether his behaviour is really something you are willing to put up with for the rest of your life. 
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