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What Happened To Malaysia Airline

Guest SantKhalsa007

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My theory is the evil elements within the American govt has got something to do with it, since they very sheepish about the whole incident and have not offered to help as much as the other countries have. It is well known that the US army has developed weapons that can totally fry electronic circuitry with EPS waves or hack into the systems via subversion forcing it to take a detour somewhere.

The reason my suspicion is on the American govt is because it has form in attacking airlines (ie 1995 TWA and sept 11 9/11 attacks). Also there was many Chinese on board that plane it was basically a message to china if you dont vote with us in the security council or abstain regarding russia stance in Ukraine then this is what will happen to your planes and people.

My other theory is that one of the pilots had suicidal thoughts and taken the plane and everyone with him to their doom somewhere int he indian ocean. That theory only holds weight if debris can be found somewhere.

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Its either crashed and the government don't want people to know, so they have made it into a "disappearance / terrorist" and can milk the situation so they can increase security measures etc.

Or its actually disappeared, as in completely gone off earth, which I think it has. To another dimension or something. It might sound far fetched, but a massive plane like that, with the tracking technology we have these days does not just go of the radar for this many days without something paranormal happening.

Airplanes just don't disappear. It hasn't gone towards India like they are saying as they would have known that before. It wasn't terrorists as no one has owned up to it. I highly doubt the pilots both wanted to kill themselves at the same time. There is no other explanation, but i'm sure the government or whoever will cover it up as a terrorist or suicide.

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What creeps me out is that it was on air for more than 4 hours and headed toward Indian Ocean after officials saw plane drop from the radar.

Also heard it was in Chinese airspace for a couple hours. The radar reports haven't been released yet.

WHen I barely heard about this I instantly thought of the show 'Lost'. This is a pretty big mystery because each plane has an indestructible blackbox that can always be located and there was no radio relay of emergency water landing or anything of the sort.

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The worlds spy / intelligence agencies and spy satilliates have been put to shame. For a modern plane to disappeared like this is beyond a joke now. It's serious lasp in security and safety of aviation technology.

Having seen a youtube video of a guy track the plane before it dissappeared along with a strange plane at high speeds......I'd like to add a 3rd theory that a super secret unidentified flying aircraft developed maybe by the american's or another power vaporised it using star wars lazer technology which was originally developed under the regan administration but further refined and developed on by devious regimes.

I did read somewhere that the Americans do have such technology.

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So lets get this straight

Any normal person can track their iphone from anywhere around the world, but the worlds high intelligence government agencies cant locate a plane of that size?

Don't make sense. I think they know where it is but aren't telling.

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