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Who Would You Consider As Top 5 Military Units In The World

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they can be special forces or gorilla groups who do you believe are top five military groups and why

who are top five military groups from last 100 years and why


NZSAS- Combat effectiveness in jungle warfare.

SAS- Original unconventional special force. Has stormed many foes.

USSEALS- By sea, by air, by land.

SPETZNAZ- Russia mobility and innovation classifies this as a superb counter-terrorism force.

MOSSAD- It's unilateral and bilateral reach globally makes it a much feared outfit.

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How about "KHALSA" Akaal Purakh Ki Fauj.


Khalsa is a standing army of God. The true Khalsa Soorme are the most powerful fighting force in existence. Yet, our own people fail to recognize this.

Bhul Chuk Muaaf Jee

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