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Erindale Church Sign Greets Punjabis

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Erindale Church sign greets Punjabis

Mississauga News

By Nouman Khalil

MISSISSAUGA - As Mississaugans are getting ready for the Easter this coming weekend, Erindale United Church also greeted those who are celebrating Baisakhi the annual spring festival of Punjabis, mainly Sikhs.

Earlier this week the churchs main signboard on Dundas St., just east of Mississauga Rd., reads Happy Baisakhi to our Sikh friends.

Were getting ready to celebrate Easter, but at the same time also would like to wish our Sikh community members a Happy Baisakhi, said Neil R. Young, Minister of Erindale United Church. Its a sign of greeting for those who are celebrating Baisakhi.

Soon after appearing on Tweeter and Facebook, the sign got hundreds of followers in and outside Mississauga.

Young said one of the great things in Mississauga is that there is tremendous amount of friendship and cooperation between different interfaith groups, which is a real blessing for the whole community.

To me, it wasnt unusual to put up a greeting sign of a faith group who are celebrating an event because we all support each other. I think we should also wear each others symbols, said Young.

Baisakhi is a day of great significance for Sikhs as on this occasion Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of Sikhs, laid down the foundation of Khalsa the Order of the Pure Ones in 1699.

Source - http://www.bramptonguardian.com/community-story/4470486-erindale-church-sign-greets-punjabis/


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