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Bhai Amrik Singh Shaheedi

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This is from Bhai Amrik Singh's Shaheedi story:

"The head Granth of Amritsar states that on the 6th of June, Bhai Amrik Singh told a Singh that Sant Ji wants us to go out and fight and attain shaheedi at 7am but it's now been post-poned to 9am. Mukh Granthi of Amritsar, Bhai Mukhtar Singh Ragi said, Sant Ji put his teer with the puratan shashters and did Ardas and it was no ordinary Ardas. In the Ardas Bhai Sahib said "hey Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji the enemies are attacking your Takhat, I hope that today I can become shaheed to defend your Takhat, a normal person asks never to come back into this world, but I pray that until the panth isn't free from slavery, may I be reborn and keep on dying for fighting against oppression." After this Ardas it was that night that Bhai Sahib, Sant Ji and General Shabeg Singh Ji attained shaheedi."

From this is it very possible that Waheguru listened to Bhai Sahib's ardas and gave him another chance to fight against the oppression on the Sikhs after his Shaheedi?

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