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Sangat Jee

Please watch and share the latest video of RajoanaTV below; a fiery exploration into how Parkash Badal and his Akali Dal have built a Kingdom upon the blood and tears of thousands of Panjabi's. Watch to see how and why an immoral, criminal, anti-Sikh rabble managed to rule Panjab as a 'Panthic Government' for a 5th term spanning over 40 years.

Akalis, once revered as the troops of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, defenders of faith and nation in times are now a brigade of treacherous, drunken, crooked deviants who violate the basic tenets of Sikhi on a daily basis. Despite this, Badal reigns supreme and will he be elected again?!

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Excellent video .. Akali's - SGPC - etc . establishments need to be broken down - we need to start over completely with fresh establishments. Initially to being with 5 singhs (amritdhari and of jeevan kamai) and then they be the rule and leaders of teams of 5 or 3 as an organisation. I have been in contact with relatives in Punjab this time around there seems to be not much support for the badals as it seems. However issue remains whether they are in power or not KHALSA needs its own house in order and BREAK down the SGPC establishment and Akali's as they completely and utterly DEFUNCT.

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