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New Takht Outside India Led By Panj Pyaare

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Got this clarification from basic of sikhi by bhai sahib:

Sangat ji, just to clarify a few things, the last few videos and next few will be about:

(1) the idea of the UK having a Punj Piare system alongside a six monthly sarbat Khalsa meeting.
(2) No one is sayings lets build a Building and call this a "Takht".
**We dont need a building fund, we need to build the foundations of Khalsa Raj**
(3) Some of you have been upset at the word "Takht". Takht means Throne. It also used to be Bunga, which means fortress. ***The word can be changed, its not a big issue, so dont get distracted and argue ** The Punj Piare should decide what the name should be, it might just be the Punj Piare of UK. They should focus on action, not buildings and titles.
Just to clarify, both Damdama Sahib and Hazoor Sahib are now Takhts but they were not Takhts that Guruji made. The Khalsa Panth gave them that status. The Nihang Singhs would have a chakarvarti Takht, ie wherever they met, that was the "Throne" and Fortress of the Khalsa. Ideally we should have a sarbat Khalsa in each country and a Punj Piare of each country.
(4) We should try and get Punj Piare from different jathebanis/schools of thought, ie AKJ, Taksal, Nihang and Sant Mat. This is about unity and not excluding people.
(5) Jagraj Singh will not be one of the Punj Piare. Firstly, he is not of that level. Secondly, given that he is pushing this idea and trying to sell it to both the sangat and the khalsa and most probably the Punj Piare, then it would be a conflict of interest to have him in it. And anyway, who else is gonna run Everythings 13 - Basics of Sikhi?
Please share to give people some clarity. Kirpa ji

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Official sanctioning of a Takht Sahib for the UK and other non Indian nations will prove to be difficult for a variety of reasons. However, the Sikh Rehat Maryada already has a provision that states in Article XXVI - Method of Adopting Gurmatta. This seems to outline the process in which the Gurmatta or Matta (read description for difference) can be adopted and implemented and lists the Akaal Takht Sahib as basically the Supreme Court at which appeals can be heard.

http://new.sgpc.net/sikh-rehat-maryada-in-english/ - last page.

The framework is there already - it doesn't seem to require a Takht Sahib, but rather a consensus from the local Sangat of that area (could be national Sangat) to elect a body (Punj Pyare) and render decisions relevant to their locality.

Note that there are dangers or challenges to this - how to get consensus amongst the hundreds of thousands of Sikhs abroad will be a challenge. Who qualifies - Amritdhari Gursikhs only vs. Sehajdharis will be an issue. What if groups like the missionaries somehow gain control and pass Mattas/Gurmattas against the core foundations of Sikhi (the Akaal Takht Sahib should still serve as that appeals body, so a safeguard is present).

Basically, to make this happen, members of the Panth would have to grow up, learn to get along with each other and agree to elect this representative body to represent the needs of the Sikhs. Given the recent Harmandir Sahib incident, we may not be there yet.

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I have full faith that there are rare pearls gurmukhs but in gupt form in all groups who are bariaagi tyaagi doing bhagti who sees this world and realize this world as a dream- illusion who have no desire in outside affairs. Youths need to search for those gurmukhs and they need to be approached to be in panj seva of this new initiative..They should be approached with indication/message below (kept in mind) of Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji Mustaneywale Maharaj....Here sant maharaj giving indication how leader nature in form of (panj or not) should be.

17. One who feels like giving a lecture should refrain from doing so. But one who does not desire to give a lecture should do so. For one who like to give a lecture,he does so to feed his ego and cleverness.But one who is not inclined to lecture, the Lord himself comes to his assistance and swords will come forth from his inner soul.

[What use is chanting, and what use is penance, fasting or devotional worship, to one whose heart is filled with the love of duality?O humble people, link your mind to the Lord.Through cleverness, the four-armed Lord is not obtained]

[set aside your greed and worldly ways.Set aside sexual desire, anger and egotism.Ritual practices bind people in egotism;meeting together,they worship stones.Says Kabeer,He is obtained only by devotional worship. Through innocent love, the lord is met.(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 324)]

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1.All the Takhts (minus Damdama Sahib, Sabo Ki Talwandi) were established & called 'Takht' by Guru Sahiban themselves. It does not seem appropriate for us to establish something and call it a Takht & say it is an authority.

Some breif info on Takhts established by Guru Sahibans

Akal Takht- 6th Guru

Harimandhir Sahib, Patna- 9th Guru

Anandpur Sahib - 10th Guru

Hazoor Sahib - 10th Guru

2. Damdama Sahib was delcared a Takht by SGPC in 1960 after many Sikhs demanded for it to be declared so. Even then, Guru Ki Kashi has been an important Sikh center if not a Takht since Guru Sahib's time as Baba Deep Singh jee was left in charge of it. (lets keep it for another thread)

3.Guru Sahib has blessed us with Sri Akal Takht Sahib-nothing can equate it nor ever will.

Yes, its authority has been compromised with but the problem lies with the weak and corrupt leadership within Sikhs themselves NOT the Takht Sahib.

The problem is the Sikh leadership is devoid of Gurmat Spirituality...hence, lacking the conscience to serve the Guru Panth.

What guarantee is there the Takht established in the west wont get compromised with feuds and corruption over time?

4. Our current Takhts need to be made independent from outside influence and Jathedaar chosen for Seva need to be of proper jivan guided by 5 piare in the presence of SGGS. (which is not happening now..hence, the talk for a new takht)

As far as I know when the 5 Singh Sahiban meet, its never done in the presence of SGGS. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Well said, exactly what I was thinking.

Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib jathedarship needs to be taken back and put back into the hands of the panth.

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