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singhbj singh

Only Few Seats Left…Will You Be There To Help Save Punjab And Support Justice?

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    • Maybe that lady also ate meat, or she ate eggs. maybe she was also taking multivitamin supplement with iron in it. maybe she was eating all these modern al jal (nonsense foods) like cereals etc, which are fortified with vitamins and iron. maybe she's lying or article is false. If you are eating a simple clean diet (veg/satvik), Sarbloh Rehit is most beneficial. The amount you eat of such foods is accordance to your body, don't worry about getting too much iron from eating too much of such foods, that doesn't happen. You will only get stronger and healthier. 
    • Part of this problem in Punjab is due to the fact Sikhs are very poor, and these Christians missionaries provide financial support. And a poor man doesn't care about religion, he only cares about getting the next meal for his family. 
    • so when the amrit sanchaar or khaday dee pahul ceremony needs to have a jathebandi stamp, then what does this mean?
    • Hopefully he does his brother's efforts justice, and doesn't try to reshape and re-assess Bhai Jagraj Singh's beliefs and legacy to promote the Globalist neo-Communist doctrine of which he's a passionate adherent. Hey, what am I saying, this is Sunny Hundal and the BBC, they can't not follow the narrative. And I'm beginning to suspect Hundal has latched onto his brother's untimely passing as currency to advance his own career and ideals. If that's actually true, then he's a terrible human being.
    • Journalist Sunny Hundal explores the legacy of his late brother Jagraj Singh, the most popular Sikh leader of modern Britain, who sparked an unprecedented revival of young people returning to the faith. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2020/04/young-sikh-and-proud?fbclid=IwAR18ZCUZ-iOhZxgizy10iNCqAEtQol3rXL5x-bEAH3BfqPnNq8bgx-5iMps
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