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    • Sadly the cultural changes are getting more and more Kalyugi and dark. Hate to see what is in store in the coming decades.
    • My cousin who is in his mid 40s was telling me that back when he was younger Sikh parents really frowned upon their kids having love marriages even if it was with some from the same religion and caste love marriages were still frowned upon, and most parents wouldn't allow love marriages, but look at it now! parents themselves are telling their kids to find someone themselves. Love marriages have become the norm. God knows what the teenagers are getting up to!   During english katha at the gurdwara one of the Singhs said every 10 years there is a big cultural change in our community, i now can see what he meant! 
    • Waheguru   so sad  The transport system is so bad in those countries 
    • Sikh pilgrims in deadly Pakistan train crash 2 hours ago Share this with Facebook   Share this with Messenger   Share this with Twitter   Share this with Email   Share   Image copyrightREUTERS Image captionThe van was taking Sikhs from a pilgrimage site back home to Peshawar At least 19 people have been killed after a train hit a van carrying Sikh pilgrims in north-eastern Pakistan. The crash, involving a Karachi-Lahore express train, happened on a level crossing near Sheikhupura, in Punjab province, police said. All the dead are said to be from one family, and were on their way home from Nankana, one of the Sikh religion's main sites. Eight others were hurt. It comes after a string of recent fatal accidents on Pakistan's railways. More than 70 people died when a Karachi-Rawalpindi train caught fire during its journey in November last year. It was just one of more than 100 railway-related incidents in the country last year. Officials said the driver of the van in Friday's accident had tried to take a short cut to avoid the crossing, where the gates were closed. Initial reports suggested the crossing had no barrier. Sheikhupura police told Dawn newspaper that there were 25-26 people travelling in the van, adding that women and children were among the casualties.
    • I saw Last year on twitter, i saw 'Singh' has a Joora, 17/18 years old, in relationship with his black gf (light skin girl really pretty like Rihanna look') they'll post pics together with hand over her <banned word filter activated>, tongue kissing videos, licking each other pure tackiness...anyway later on think they'd broken up but the girl said she had a baby she only 17..and its his!! Think now he's cut his hair.. Another typical teen Punjabi munde had packet condoms if his car and showing to his mum and filming her reaction!  Pure Kaljug
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