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Sikhi Inspired Gifts For Pregnant Sister/couple/baby

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My sisters due in a months time and I'd like to get her, the brother inlaw and the baby some Sikhi inspired gifts. so for example, I've gone out and got 4 square frames- I'm thinking of gurbani caligraphy? But I'm struggling on what to write...I'd like it to be about birth, baby, family, etc. so its really personal. Any ideas guys? Would really appreciate your help :) if you could kindly provide ang numbers with short quotes please. Thank you :)

Also, I'd like to make a kirtan CD of calm, soothing kirtan to play in the babies nursery. Any favorites? Thanks in advance :)

with all the rubbish on tv radio and punjabi households in general, I want the baby to have as much good influence as possible. Gurbani and Sikhi inspired art work, stories, music kirtan etc.

Please help guys :) Thaaankk youuuu :biggrin2:

Pul chuk muaf ji


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Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

I will recommend



Bhand Jamiyai Bhand Nimiyai

"From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound. So why call her bad? From her, kings are born. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. O Nanak, only the True Lord is without a woman. That mouth which praises the Lord continually is blessed and beautiful. O Nanak, those faces shall be radiant in the Court of the True Lord." - Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Aasaa on Pannaa 473

Listen to Snatam Kaur play this Shabad





Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

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