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Badal And Other Akalis Attacks On Sikhi... Khalistan Needed?

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WJKK WJKF I would like to ask your opinions on a few things and also showcase just how terrible Badal and other Akalis were and are.

1. Can we attain freedom/ Anandpur resolution while still remaining apart of India? or must we break free completely, I recall Sant Ji saying in one of his speeches that we aren't asking for khalistan but if it is offered we will take it and not repeat the mistake of 1947.

Now the Akali betrayal post as recently around the general sangat (not just this site) some people fell that the Badals and Akali crimes are only being power hungry and controlling the SGPC. Thing is Badal and other Akalis sold out the panth and got Sikhs killed no better than Indira.

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1. There is no strong alternative to badal at the moment. Maan group have lost people's faith because of Kirpan/parliament issue.

2. Badal is very clever and has strong links with leaders from left right and centre. He divides and rules Sikh community. Money is another big thing when it comes to elections. Where will you get a leader who has no history, with lots of financial backing and is completely familiar with Sikh issues?

3. Sikhs abroad ie from all the major countries if get together and form a party....I can't say if I am dreaming. And go back to fight elections ? I think I am dreaming.

4. People in Punjab were fed up with the blood shed during 80s. They don't want another uprising like that. Nobody gained anything except youth getting killed. Centre has strongly embedded there recruits into the Sikh organisation. You will be stopped before you know it. Who will you trust?

My grand grand mother laughs when she listens to this. She is 84, an amritdhari devout Sikh who practices without failure. She says" hale tak ehna ton punjabi suba hi nahin laya Gaya. Apas vich hi ladi jande ne"? So true.

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Pyare Khalsai Ji I understand what you are saying, I'd we are to get anywhere we first must become true Sikhs... Sant Ji would say first being anandpur into your home's then we can fight for freedom... This is more of a conversing and awareness post although I will say this seeing the support Balwant Singh Rajoana and Gurbaksh Singh I fully believe that the people of Punjab and worldwide will unite and given the right leadership and motive become.a formidable morcha. Also I will say that sometimes.we view Badal and other corrupt leaders as untouchable which isn't true . The khalsa is Akal Purakhs fauj, one to fight seva lakh bringing the youth together becoming true Sikhs we can come free from slavery. This doesn't have to something that has to be so focued on bringing strong politics with us . Seeing Badal scrambling and afraid with the Balwant Singh Ji marches we as the Khalsa are stronger United than some think... Opinions?

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