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Could there be a section on here where sikh posts jobs online to help other sikhs out. I know some sikhs who have been out of work for a year etc.

I'm not saying this as a business venture, I'm saying to genuinely help other sikhs out who may not be able to provide for their families or pay bills- or even sikhs who dont have a degree, or who may have spend thousands on a degree but not working.

I'm talking about helping to make a difference and to strengthen sikhs. Theres a relationship section on here, why not a job section aswell?

We may come to a point where we need to put our money together for a cause, for defence as in our Gurus times. People may feel more compelled to do so if we help each other out.

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You know hiw the illuminati runs things and most of the top families are jewish? well they own the majority of the worlds money. People dont seem to be getting that jews help each other business wise, so do some christians, and a whole load of muslims believe that spreading to diff part of the world, having businesses etc will help their cause. Sikhs seem to be the ones left out, when in the Gurus times, we helped each other financially and in business.

A Jewish man from the world most wealthy family- Mayer Amschel Rothschild said this:

Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes its laws.

This is the way the Jewish/illuminati majority elite think. Sikhs should group together because the war has already began. The time is now.

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any uk ones? still I think a website or this site would be good

Visit a Desi News Agent for local punjabi papers & magazines.

In the mean time look at English Classifieds





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a family member knows about jews and businesses- the illuminati info is all over the internet because normal everyday people are waking up to it. Also, meditation and intuition. Practice truth, never lie and be good as per gurbani-and then meditate on London and the illuminati and youll get your answers.

I used to walk around london and just know what was up without even reading abiut it- just by using my inutition. But this takes 100% belief and faith in God.

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In my late 20's, yeh they are- this age is so dark and most people think its normal- but there is something soo much better than what normal people live- its Truth. We feel the jyot when we help others selflessly, speak the truth, in humility, compassion and work etc. Just an awareness and application of the gyan of gurbani is enough to light up the world- its so simple but so powerful.

The illuminati can be taken on by us but we need to get the spiritual And the temporal down before we start.

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