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Deep Meditation Maha Mool Mantar/gurmantar Hd Is Out..! Enjoy !

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Just giving an update, since we started this project it's been huge success on youtube especially videos below. The whole reason for doing this, is to increase presence of sikh meditations on youtube

Second Video of Deep meditation Mool Maha Mantar with ambient music is out!!!.. Videos with ambient, mantra, and delta brain waves- provides meditative relaxing experience for all....Enjoy..!!

First video - highly recommended-


Thanks. :cool2:

Warning: Opinionated attempt at constructive criticism:

Doesn't quite scratch the itch. It's a bit to intense and dynamic for me. Any possibility to do one similar to the Mool Mantar ones: Evenly slowly paced, spoken, relaxing voice which melds into the background music, the idea being to pace similar to breathing so it encourages union of Gurmantar with breath. The Mool Mantar ones are transcendental in that they are very very evenly pace, the music and the spoken Mool Mantar has a very delicate interplay that leads to no fatigue in listening to it and could be used for hours on end to listen to and tune the brain to the Gurmantar. Maybe even a combined one with the Mool Mantar and Gurmantar - one would lead to the other and a contemplation cycle that would be possibly of greater benefit than the two separately. Maybe 5 minutes each alternating back and forth.

Yes, I am being spoiled and thank you for your efforts. :biggrin2: :happy2: :tongue2:

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I found this Vahiguru simran abhyas/meditation in my collection..i think this is one is very meditative and soothing- takes your surti into it with breath and in general, you can have a preview at clicking on the button at the bottom of cd cover:


https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/infinite-bliss-waheguru/id460857224?i=460857229 (Cheapest one to buy).

I may be able to put it on youtube if there is no drm lock.

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