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I would like to share some thoughts about this. I read the topic Maninder wrote on the blogspot and also your response above.

I feel what has happened is two opposites collided in a marriage. Simran, who is fully Amrit-dhaari from an Amrit-dhaari family, seems like he fully keeps his rehat in strict accordance to the Damdami Taksaal rehat maryadha - which in itself can be classed as pretty strict. Maninder, is the opposite. She wears her kakaars "spiritually", not "religiously", as youth nowadays have started to claim. It seems she's one of those that doesn't believe in keeping Kakaars 24/7, whereas in the rehat maryadha, it asks that Kakaars never ever leave the body. That being said, that doesn't mean both are bad people because they have varying opinions on what rehat is right. They have just been brought up with different values and it's sad that such things such as maryadha that both follow, were not cleared before the marriage. It is VERY important to clear up beliefs and maryadha that each one follows before marriage. It's not about questioning which jatha one follows either - it's about finding out how each lives their lives and whether it is acceptable to the other. If this was cleared up beforehand, maybe the marriage wouldn't have gone ahead and things wouldn't have got this far. Even on the wedding photo, you can see Simran is in pure plain bana and she is dolled up like a Christmas tree! That should ring alarm bells itself!

Maninder, you're version of events on that blog mean nothing. They are unfounded and it looks like you are grasping at straws to make your point. Half of it doesn't make sense either. You say Simran and his father abuse women in their household like your mother in law, but then you say she also gangs up with them as a team to make your life hell. You are contradicting yourself. What has happened is that they bruised your ego. They called you out on your lack of rehat which they find unacceptable in their household, and it bruised your ego. You don't believe in keeping your kakaar on you 24/7. If that's what you believe, then fine, that doesn't make you a bad person. Not at all. But by starting this internet campaign against such a mahaan, well-respected jatha that is known around the world... that's wrong. Don't take these as attacks against you, take is as advice and handle it maturely like an adult would. Your posts are childish and you need to fix the damage you are doing. Don't make it worse for yourself. You are an educated person with a lot going for her - but this could ruin things for you permanently. Future spouses, families, kids... you are putting stuff on the internet that will be there FOREVER. Realise this.

Satvinder Singh, his brother, their children... they have always conducted themselves well in society. They have their haters, but that's what happens in this country when someone is trying to do something positive. We bring them down. There has never been any allegations against any of them regarding abuse of women. Never. Neither has Simran ever had relationships or anything like that - unlike most school, college or uni students have had at some point.

Maninder, be the mature one and put an end to this. If you genuinely feel you have been wronged, be the one who puts it right. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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VJKK VJKF! I am really glad that you have written your side of the story on here, as up till now, Maninder Kaur has been running to every Tom, <banned word filter activated> and Harry she can find...but no ones wanted to address the issue as clearly its a family matter and there was no need to run to so many people or to hit the net blogs with it! I totally understand why Simran has had to address his side on the net.

Firstly, I'd like to say no rehatvaan amritdhari gursikh would be able to live their life with a someone who isnt living in line with maryada without trying to encourage them to build their jeevan. From what I have heard from both sides, this was addressed but when Maninders mother gets involved, then Maninder turns against the truth. So Maninder, its all well you giving the big talk about making promises but what about your promises. Why are you so stuck in the rut of your mum being the only right one in everything. You need to use the little brain that you have been given too rather than just going along with your mum as it has cost you your marriage.

Secondly, that picture of Maninder Kaurs brother says a lot. Looks like he is kissing some English girl which isnt appropriate for a gursikh, so is this the rehat you live Maninder? That place in Turkey is some nightclub...what is a gursikh son of a gursikh family, brother of an apparent 'gursikh' sister doing in a club in the first place, let alone kissing an english girl who he has not had lavan with? Maninder seems keen on talking about others brothers and sisters not living at home because of the strictness in the house, but that image makes me question why her own brother had to escape to Turkey to kiss girls in a night club!

With regards to razors and Veet products, I know a lot of girls resort to this, but if this is something you do, you should have declared to your future partner before you made promises with him of the lavan.

Being kicked out and actually leaving at your own free will are totally different things so if she claims she was kicked out, how did she manage to take all of her possessions with you when she left? See one can see already that things have been twisted to suit Maninders accusations.

Maninder Kaur married Simran, so im questionning why she had to drag the jatha into her accusations and blog. Its simply a personal issue and dispute between two families so there was no need to take it to any blogspot.

To be honest, this has been going on a while now but I have to rate Simran singh and his family who kept quiet and did not throw accusations back at Maninder Kaur as they had respect for her as she was their daughter. But when all peaceful means fail, even guru ji doesnt agree with his gursikh sitting quiet.

All I have to say to the sangat out there is, this jatha has served the panth all their life. Its not for me or anyone to say about their jeevans as we all have our own relationship with maharaj, but look at the seva they are doing, I see this attack as one out of jealousy and strongly advise the readers to weigh it up themselves before being judgmental and feeling sorry for the girl as usual. Maninder and her mother are very clever at twisting the facts so they aren't as innocent as they claim and nor are they the victims.

NamoSarab, I agree totally with your points about the rehat issues and following parts of maryada here or there is not acceptable in Sikhi and I wouldn’t have thought a rehatvaan family would be able to accept this lack of commitment to the true Sikh way of life.

This jathas productions have educated many across the world and I just do ardas that they remain in chardi kala to continue the seva they have been given.


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-by Simran Singh & Satvinder Singh 'Jagowale'

Firstly I would like to say Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh to the Sikh sangat. My name is Simran Singh and my father's name is Satvinder Singh of the Jagowala Jatha.

I was made aware of a false story on a blogspot by a blogger under the name 'neonang' at http://sikhissues.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/jago-wale-ruined-my-life.html . The blogger clearly states that he/she has heard from both sides but this is not the case. If they had heard from myself or my parents then this story would have been different. The blog owner has not contacted myself or my family at all. This is all a fabricated lie!!

The Jagowala Jatha has been serving the Sikh religion and Khalsa Panth through parchar for over 30 years. The sarkar and sansar have tried to stop this parchar and now a parivaar have tried to do the same. My wife 'Maninder Kaur' has spread this false story over the internet and it isn't my habit to bark like a dog but I will tell the truth as and when I need to. I have seen criminals and wrong doers use this route to defame a person(s) to clear their own name of any blame. Many people have told us that they are commenting on this BlogSpot thread and the comments have been rejected and are not being uploaded online. Due to this I am having to answer the comments in bullet point form which have been falsely raised by Maninder.

  • Maninder's faith in Sikhi

Maninder has said that she has lost her trust in amritdhari Sikhs and that her faith has been damaged. I personally found items in Maninder's possession which were being used secretly to kill Sikhi rehat. The lack of respect for kakkar's and not wearing the kakaar's on her behalf were made apparent to Maninder by myself on countless occasions. Is this right for an amritdhari girl to take off the kakkar's as and when she wants to? Is it right to use razors and do 'roma di beadbi'? Was Maninder's trust in amritdhari Sikhs not lost when her own amritdhari brother can be seen on a photo hugging and kissing a gori whilst on holiday last September in Marmaris, Turkey?

For legal reasons this image has been blurred but if anyone wants proof then feel free to responsibly contact me.

My in-law family had no basic principles in Sikhi, especially Maninder as she said the basic rules are not needed. i.e. kakaar's because Sikhi is on the inside. Also speaking badly of true Sant Mahapurkhs and slandering Gurbani at each chance they get just because it doesn't suit them. As a true Gursikh individual I cannot live my life this way. For example, when a thief commits a crime and serves his sentence, he/she still claims to be innocent but the judge knows the truth. I would like to ask, has Maninder even once commented on the wrongdoings she has done?

The real problems started when I began to discover the true extent of Maninder's faith in Sikhi. She as an amritdhari only recited Sri JapJi Sahib in the morning, Rehraas Sahib in the evening, has no bother and respect for the wearing of our sacred kakaar's, doesn't cover her head as a must, does 'roma di beadbi' which I discover her razors amongst other tools to carry out this paap, working 12-16 hours a week in which teaching is only approx 4 hours a day but leaving home around 7.30am and returning at roughly 6pm. When I asked her about these unjustifiable timings I wasn't given a satisfying answer. Hench taking all this into consideration was when problems had arisen.

Maninder says her faith has been damaged but I ask when was it ever truly with God? Guru Sahib Ji states "rehat piari mujj ko sikh piara nahe" meaning that Maharaj is happy with his Sikhs rehat not the Sikh. But my wife wanted it the opposite way round where I would be happy with just her and not point out the beadbi in her rehat amongst other things. I would like to say that I respect all those sisters and mothers who under Maharajs hukam have facial hair and are still committed to a Gursikhi jeevan and follow Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharajs rehat and hukam. Sadly to say it is purely bad luck on my behalf that my wife was doing 'roma di beadbi' even though it wasn't needed.

Honestly speaking, I dont see any Sikhi in you either.

Seems like you are still a pampered child of your parents with a pendu mentality. This thread proves you are confrontational in nature.(must have been in your mariage also)

Neither do you have any WISDOM/Bibek Budh

Neither did you make any effort to save your marriage.

If you allege all that you have said abt your own wife is true. It is still your fault for not finding out whether both of you keep same level of rehit or not.

The sickening part is how casually you degraded a women who left her parent home to spend her life with you.

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