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What Do You Think Of This Extremist

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This video was recorded about ppl who were worshippin some human fake pakhandi baba in midlands, so he made this video about them, not about hindus. As i can remember, i believe this video was put on this site by the singh in the video himself, or some1 else. Jus look at the person who's stolen that video, n put it on their own youtube page, labelling it "UK Sikh extremist hating other religions", yet look at their own youtube name, "bhrinda wale", obviously a hindu panjabi/rss person on the net, takin vids out of context n uploadin them under sensationalised titles. These such ppl can be seen allllll over youtube, also dirty paks who have made anti-sikh vids on the net.

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...???... That was confusing.

I think "Teva" is implying a jantri - horoscope type book with your future predictions (could be completely wrong)??? Not sure if it is considered a religious book.

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