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I was recently wandering while doing ardas -hoping waheguru ji will help in this world with many things.

But then out of no where I just thought to myself that if I want to attain something in this world then it will come through Rudi sidhi powers( which guru ji prohibits us from using, as it inhibits our spirtality) - is that true??

So my question is when doing ardas for asking prayers to be ansawered are we in anyway using ridi sidi powers or will waheguru ji helps attain what we want without us using our powers (through the blessing of waheguru ji blesses us with) - I ask this because I don't want to lose my waheguru ji and the level of spirituality I have attained but I still want some of my prayers answered.

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No, asking for things during Ardaas is not using Ridhi Sidhi powers. Anyone in this world can do Ardaas - prayers recited by Christians, Muslims, etc. are all addressed to the one Almighty Father-Mother, who sustains all and provides for all. You are a child of God making a request.

Ridhi-Sidhi would imply that you have been bestowed powers that you, out of your own ego, seek to use to create something to benefit yourself or even others. It is a projection of those powers in an egotistic fashion that is forbidden in Sikhi. Gursikhs are, per Gurbani, told to abide by the Hukam of the Almighty and whatever is needed should be sought by Ardaas to the Almighty.

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